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Subject: Re: [eCS T60/T61] Thinkpad problem, possible replacement
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 10:07:53 +0200 (DST)
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On Tue, 04 May 2010 20:55:24 +0200 (DST) Jan van Wijk wrote:
>1) Buy a bleeding-edge Thinkpad, with Windows-7 Pro, with a 1680x1050 or
>even 1920x1200 screen and start using that for the Windows stuff, and use
>the T60P for eCS (should work quite well).

Installed eCS 2.0 GA on the T60P yesterday, looks really nice!

Wireless works like a charm, still tuning and installing goodies ...

>Disadvantage is that I would need to re-install quite a few development environmenst
>over from the T60P to the new machine (probably a T500 or so) taking a lot of time.

Just ordered a Thinkpad W500 (NRA5YMH) with a 19200x1200 screen, specs just a bit
above the T500 I considered earlier. It has 4Gb memory and a 320Gb disk.

This is still a core-duo, 32-bit CPU at 2.8 GHz, so some hopes that eCS
may run natively on it, and I will install VirtualBox on Windows too :-)

Regards, JvW

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