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Subject: Re: [eCS T60/T61] T410: Lenovo's Thoughtful ThinkPad Is a Near-Perfect Machine
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 13:38:16 -0400 (EDT)
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On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 05:46:34 -0700, Neil Waldhauer wrote:

>On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 02:44:36 -0400 (EDT), "Carl Gehr" <>
>> I don't have time, but it would be interesting if someone
>> could investigate the usual components that cause eCS to
>> have problems and report on how likely eCS is to run on
>> this TPad T410.
>Did your T60 ever work? Nothing beyond a T60 will work as well. Did you notice
>that the T60 is slower than older machines?
>If you can live with the T410 being slower than T60, and no WiFi, then it's
>probably OK. No one has  tried one, yet. It will run extra hot, but thats why
>you have a warranty.
>It looks like improvements to ACPI to support the T60 are now under way. That
>will probably improve things for newer laptops in a year or so.

The only hardware on my T60 that does not work is the built-in modem.
Everything else works.

Maybe it does not work as well as I'd like [e.g., Audio], but it does

The major issues I have are problems with eCS and what it supports, or
more accurately does NOT SUPPORT.  e.g.,
* No current FLASH
* No current Adobe Acrobat Reader
* While not an eCS issue, there is no good TN3270 emulator
  for eCS.  If you don't use IBM z/OS or z/VM mainframe,
  this is not an issue for you.  But, again, it is a
  problem with the SOFTWARE that is available, not with
  the T60.
ALL of these issues exist for eCS users even if you are using
a T2x or whatever.

As far as speed, maybe I'm just not as impatient as you.  I could get
faster CPUs, but that would only mean I'll 'wait faster' for the
network or other I/O.

Now, having said all this, I use the TPad for business and software
development.  I don't play games or such.  This is a business tool, not
a toy.  

I should also mention that my wife has a relatively new custom-built
for eCS desktop/tower system.  The above issues exist for that system
also.  Actually, that system has even more issues in that I've never
been able to get that system to recognize her HP Scanner that worked
fine on an older tower.  Likewise, the LaserJet printer that was
connected via a parallel adapter does not work with the Parallel-to-USB
connector that DOES work with my T60.

Sorry, but my issue is with eCS not with the T60.  Maybe if there were
not so much effort devoted to T2x support they could spend time on
newer models.

If I did not have things that I do for my business that cannot easily
be migrated to Linux [e.g., a decent TN3270 emulator - different issues
than the eCS problems], I probably would not still be on eCS.  So, I'm
rather stuck at this point.

Just my experience.  YMMV, and I guess clearly does.

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