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Subject: Re: [eCS T60/T61] ACPI issues
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 11:38:49 -0400
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On 04/14/08 12:32 am, Chuck McKinnis thus wrote :
Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:
Chuck, I know that you have been successful with using OS2APIC.PSD. I am able to get ACPI 3.0.7 working for both CPU cores, as well as APM.ADD.

What version(s) of ACPI did you test, and aside from the "hang during boot" issue I see with 3.0.8, what were your results? I am seeing random deadlock conditions, but I can't tell whether it's an ACPI issue, uniaud, GenMAC, or something triggered by Flash (using my patched 9.0.115 plugin).


I just tried the latest 3.08 (04/13/2008).  Traps in APM right after SDDHELP.SYS is loaded.  It also displays a bunch of ACPI messages that should not be there.  If I rem out all of the APM lines, it will boot. I also have sound (not very loud) using test1.

I am using Panorama on this T61. I believe Panorama is required for APM.

I have 3.0.8 working, based on Neil's posting about the Intel 945GCNL (I have one of those machines in the next room, which is yet to be delivered to a client), by adding /SAP:0x20 to my PSD line, which now reads:


In addition, I have:


I am currently testing with only the defaults in the CFG files.

The extra info you;re getting may be caused by:

LogScreen = 1


For sound, I have the following in my unimix setup params, loaded from startup.cmd (unimix.exe -loadc:\mmos2\unimix.ini):

-id3 -cnt0 -val1
-id3 -cnt1 -val1
-id27 -val33

(N.B.: Those are not the contents of unimix.ini, merely the relevant settings. Set them manually, as parameters passed to unimix.exe, and then use unimix.exe -savec:\mmos2\unimix.ini to dump them.)
I attempted to patch Flash to the 9 level, but I am not sure that I did the hex edit correctly.  What is your patched one based on?  Might I get a copy?

My patched one is based on the original 7.0 r14. I seemed to get more stuff patched than Steve Wendt did with his, so I kept it (I had a few sites which were looking for the ident string in different places). You may download the patched version (and the preceding one, patched to 9.0 r47) from . The zip is 500+ KB, and perhaps best not attached to an email on the list. I'll send both via PM, though.

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