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Oggetto: Re: [eFTE-dev] Close button
Data: Mon, 04 Dec 2017 03:11:53 +0100
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Lewis wrote:
On 12/03/17 09:18 am, Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
[...] why changing icons is
usually less traumatic for long time users than shuffling stuff around for
no reason in new versions, etc.

Can we say Quicken, QuickBooks, and most other software for that other
platform? It seems the developers are in league with the software training


In our office, we dread every year (on the upgrade treadmill) when our clients
just *have* to upgrade QuickBooks (not because there's anything in the new
version which was not in the old one, and not because they have ever been able
to rely upon Intuit support to resolve their problems - for that, they have
me). We, then have to upgrade, and start the learning process all over again
(for an even more bloated version, running more slowly than the last...with
all of the menus rearranged, icons shuffled/changed, etc.)...

.... so you're not alone, at all ;) Sounds exactly like what every user of a certain office suite has had to go through with every single version for the last 20 years, or more. But serves *them* well if you ask me -- most seem to be rather masochistic about it, LOL.

I seem to recall it was in the days of WordPerfect 5/6 when I first started spotting new versions of popular programs that did nothing but take up more space, hide useful stuff away, etc., and then make you learn anew where everything was. I decided my time was more valuable than that, and to thoroughly evaluate every new version of everything to upgrade only if I really found it useful (or was forced to). But try and tell that to those people that busy themselves struggling with the latest officeware behemoth, and they'll look at you like _you_ are crazy!

A really strange world :)

We're all 'new' to that button, it was a recent addition by Gregg

Indeed, so. My comment was actually meant as an overall observation. I have to
look at *every* button and rely on flyover help, to boot.

Same here! Check the trac tickets and you'll see I never used the PM version -- I probably fled away ca. 2000 at the first sign of not being able to type non-English characters ;)

Which reminds me I need to check that with Keith M.

OK, see you around!

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