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Oggetto: Ready to go (Was Re: [eFTE-dev] Pending emails?)
Data: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 04:33:27 +0100
A: eFTE Developers Mailing List <efte-dev@2rosenthals.com>

Hi guys,

Gregg Young wrote:
On Sun, 03 Dec 2017 04:31:01 +0100 Alfredo Fern�ndez D�az wrote:
I am short of help at my day job so I expect progress on
this will be slow.

But you are not alone with this any more, so progress on it can be a bit quicker -- for a while at least :)

I will send you my latest changes. They include fixing the
relative paths for loading the configuration (hopefully).
Can you build efte?
Install perl using ANPM. This should work fine. Let me
know if it doesn't.

I have a working Perl interpreter now. It's a bit dismal ANPM ate up 300+ MB of space to get it installed but that's besides the point here.

[In theory] I should get the same executables as you: lxlited, along with .map, .sym, and .xqs files. I put together a basic 'Building' page at the Wiki to try and help anyone else who might want to join:


So now I can start real work, like all the stuff I reported / we have pending.

Regarding your changes for the relative paths, will you send me that privately or shall I pull the SVN repository again? If you don't think you'll have the time to get this going, tell me so and I'll put it on my list as well.

I assume you may be too busy -- If I don't hear back from you, say by next weekend, I'll start committing changesets as I get stuff done (which may or may not happen as quickly as I would like anyway).


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