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Subject: Re: [eFTE-dev] efte-dev list vs. trac
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 14:34:02 -0700 (MST)
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>>>A mostly harmless example: two months ago (OMG
>>>flies!) I addressed ticket #53 "Regular expressions
>>Please go ahead and commit this while it still has
>>issues with single letters not meant to be highlighted.
>>is much much better than my original.
>IIRC the latest version I sent you fixed that too, but
>whatever -- any remaining issues can have their own
>tickets opened later.

I either failed to try the last version or had forgotten this.

>>>While still pending Gregg's definite word on the issue
>>Please close the ticket.
>Will do.
>>Alfredo this is an open source project all contributions
>>are welcome. If something accidentally gets broken
>>that is what having an SVN is for, We can simply back
>>out. I would suggest you create a branch if you are
>>planning major changes.
>Of course. I have a few things in the pipeline, and at
>least one of them should require a branch. However, I
>only have limited time to work on this, so I'll go for the
>easier stuff first and we'll see how far I get ;)

>WRT contributing to open source projects I prefer to
>my predecessors a bit asking for guidelines and
>to avoid ruffling anyone's feathers, rather than go the
>proverbial bull in the china shop. I think everything could
>be better if we all tried to do that sometimes.
I'm fine with questions but also fine with people
committing things. That is what Steven had me do when
I started so I am just following the model I was given.

>>I want to see the project move forward. My only
>>is that any configuration changes are done in a way
>>would minimize the impact on already installed
>I concur. However, if we take into account that current
>efte installations were not compatible with FTE ones,
>we'll need to put some thought into that when the right
>time comes.

Actually a basic FTE install works in eFTE. Hopefully
they all work with my change. An eFTE installed
configuration should work also. If we find variants that
don't work we will need to decide how to address them.

>>configurations. I have committed changes that should
>>the relative paths in the config files issue and that
>>a couple of rare traps.
>I'll be sure to check the relative paths thing.
>>Who is going to make the exit icon blue? Note about
>Will be in my next commit.
>>of the open tickets are actually fixed. Thanks

One note the last button is probably broken in the
eftepm I just sent. It is already fixed. I have to open
them in PMView and then save them as 2.0 bmps to get
them to work. No idea why but since the workaround is
so simple it probably isn't worth figuring out. Thanks


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