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Subject: Re: [eFTE-dev] Ctags
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 21:11:40 +0100
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Gregg Young wrote:

The tags don't work in eftepm the way the new help
 From the help:

Typically, you would want to know if something in one
file is referenced in others. Once loaded in the editor, the
tags file acts as a proxy allowing to jump between all
references in the 'regular' files to the items listed in the
tags. Some additional examples could be:

I created the tags file with ctags.exe version 5.8. It does
generate an error (see below) but a tags file is
generated. The help says I should be able to jump
between "All" references. I can only jump from the
reference I have highlighted and the definition and back.
It doesn't find any other references. I tested with things I
know have multiple references and header entries.

Did I fail to correctly create the tags file? Is the help
simply wrong (or I have misinterpreted it)? Or is efte (at
least the pm version) broken? I tried all the menu choices
Did I miss something? Thanks

I re-read that section and perhaps it could be rewritten more clearly after we're done discussing this.

IIRC you should be able to find all occurrences of any single tag, I just checked the latest eFTEPM build and it seems to work, but I don't have a lot of stuff for checking right now.

V:\Download\ctags-5.8_os2(1)\ctags-5.8_os2\ctags.exe *
SYS1002: -U is an incorrect parameter for the command.
cannot sort tag file : No such file or directory
Note running it from the source directory gave the same
error. Tried both 4os2 and cmd.

I am not sure what these errors mean, I think ctags tries to invoke some 'sort' utility when it's done and fails to find it, but in my experience these can be ignored most of the time.

However, you need to check the generated "tags" file to make sure this may work -- a mere stub (~338 bytes) may be generated and of course you won't find a thing using that, because it doesn't contain references.

To make sure a useful tags file can be generated, all files ctags targets when run must be of 'known' types (f.e. "ctags *.cpp"), or have some support for them added in the config file ".ctags". In the manual I added support for the FTE config "language" so you can run "ctags *.fte" and use tags while editing the config.

To properly test the feature, generate a tags file, and open it to see for yourself what references it includes, then try and move through stuff that you know is actually in the tags.

I'm out of town until Jan 4, so I may be less responsive than usual depending on being able to find a good spot to place my laptop, the hotel wifi, etc.

Happy New Year!

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