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GNU Ports for eCS Mailing List  ?it's just a bombshell!  42K   04-May-17  
Lewis G Rosenthal  wget and certificate checking for https  1990   12-Nov-16  
Lewis  Welcome  973   02-Jan-14  
Dave Yeo  weird tar warning  2997   24-Apr-15  
Dave Yeo  Weird build failure  3304   08-Sep-15  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Using dd under OS/2  1550   10-Feb-15  
Paul Smedley  Updated GCC builds  3020   06-Jul-14  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Transferring EAs to Samba shares (was: Re: [GNU Ports] rsync 3.0.9: SIGSEGV and EAs)  6896   10-Feb-14  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Thecus N4800Eco 4-bay NAS - FW 64_2.04.05.1_build7516  96K   21-Feb-14  
Lewis G Rosenthal  terminfo stuff (terminal not fully functional, etc.)  3769   22-Aug-14  
Dukes Daniel  surprise!  5443   29-May-16  
Paul Smedley  Subversion 1.7 test build  3823   28-Sep-14  
Paul Smedley  Fwd: Status of APR-posix port  4158   08-Aug-14  
Lewis G Rosenthal  SSL suport in python for yum repos over https  2918   16-Aug-14  
Robert Kuropkat  So you wanna be an OS/2 developer...  5451   24-Dec-17  
Steven Levine  Slow queries (was rsync 3.0.9: SIGSEGV and EAs)  3185   17-Feb-14  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Shellshock fixes  3085   27-Sep-14  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Segfault running configure after checking for long names  1782   04-Sep-14  
Al Savage  Samba & rsync & CPU at 99.9%  7232   06-Feb-14  
Al Savage  rsync 3.1 and --os2-perms  2919   01-Mar-14  

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