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Dave Yeo  nm for omf?  3700   08-Mar-19  
Dave Yeo  Re: [GNU Ports] CFLAGS for rpmbuild  4105   01-Jan-19  
Steven Levine  Re: [GNU Ports] CFLAGS for rpmbuild  4818   01-Jan-19  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Re: [GNU Ports] CFLAGS for rpmbuild  3067   31-Dec-18  
Steven Levine  Re: [GNU Ports] CFLAGS for rpmbuild  4553   31-Dec-18  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Re: [GNU Ports] CFLAGS for rpmbuild  2409   31-Dec-18  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Re: [GNU Ports] CFLAGS for rpmbuild  1981   31-Dec-18  
Lewis G Rosenthal  CFLAGS for rpmbuild  1626   31-Dec-18  
Robert Kuropkat  Re: [GNU Ports] man and man pages?  1864   08-Jan-18  
Steven Levine  Re: [GNU Ports] man and man pages?  3898   08-Jan-18  
Dave Yeo  Re: [GNU Ports] awk?  4566   08-Jan-18  
Robert Kuropkat  Re: [GNU Ports] awk?  3594   08-Jan-18  
Andy Willis  Re: [GNU Ports] awk?  5117   08-Jan-18  
Robert Kuropkat  Re: [GNU Ports] awk?  2091   08-Jan-18  
Dave Yeo  Re: [GNU Ports] awk?  4700   08-Jan-18  
Robert Kuropkat  awk?  1107   08-Jan-18  
Dave Yeo  Re: [GNU Ports] man and man pages?  4062   07-Jan-18  
Robert Kuropkat  man and man pages?  777   07-Jan-18  
Andy Willis  Re: [GNU Ports] ANPM RPM setup  4826   07-Jan-18  
Dave Yeo  Re: [GNU Ports] ANPM RPM setup  4308   07-Jan-18  

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