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Ämne: Re: [GNU Ports] getting a single keypress
Datum: Tue, 17 May 2022 03:16:20 -0400
Till: GNU Ports for eCS Mailing List <>

On 5/16/22 10:23 PM, Dave Yeo wrote:
On 05/16/22 07:12 PM, Steven Levine wrote:
 fprintf(stderr, "got key: %c %x\n", val, val);

so you can see the hex value too.

Seems so,
terminal fd: 0
got key: Î ffffffd7
got key: w 77
got key: e 65
got key: r 72
got key: t 74
got key: y 79
got key: u 75
got key: i 69
got key: q 71

i don't see where you are flushing the keyboard buffer before starting your operations... but i've also just gotten up and having my c0ffee so i may just be blind and not reading your posted code properly...

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