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Subject: Re: [GNU Ports] Weird build failure
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 01:33:08 -0400
To: GNU Ports for eCS Mailing List <>

On 09/08/15 10:42 pm, Dave Yeo wrote:
Trying to build the latest svn head of mpg123 (or fails with
', needed by `src/libmpg123/'.  Stop.tringbuf.lo

It is actually stringbuf.lo and somehow the s at least is getting eaten. Tested on YUM/RPM as well as my own environment. YUM/RPM first fails with
make: *** No rule to make target `src/libmpg123/stringbuf.lo', needed by `src/libmpg123/'.  Stop.
and after running make src/libmpg123/stringbuf.lo stringbuf.lo exists but subsequent make invocations fails with the corrupted line above.

Sorry, Dave... Just saw this. Did you manage to make any headway with this?


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