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Subject: Re: [GNU Ports] ANPM RPM setup
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2018 18:13:23 -0600
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Dave Yeo wrote:
On 01/07/18 01:25 PM, Robert Kuropkat wrote:

So yes, I'm bouncing around here a bit.  I'm playing with setting up
three different development environments, Paul Smedley, NetLabs RPM and
Arca Noae RPM (I'm not yet sure of the the NetLabs and Arca Noae rpm
environments are effectively redundant or not).

They're the same besides the Arca Noae RPM environment starting out more
up to date. I share my @UNIXROOT between Warp v4, eCS 2.1 and ArcaOS
(need to reinstall some packages to keep the config.sys and desktop
objects in sync)

Eventually AN will have a repository that has things not available in the Netlabs repo but Netlabs would still be a primary source and in fact, the AN repository would just be being added to the Netlabs repository.

While installing the rpm/yum/python modules I got another error:

"couldn't fork %post(findutiles-1:4.6.0-2.oC00.1668): interrupted system

This might be fixed by the libcx in exp. I believe it is a known issue.

This may be caused by another issue, do not try to update/install from the root of the drive.  I don't recall the exact error to say if this is that one but I recall it dealt with %post.


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