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Sujet: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 1.80 beta 1
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2018 18:07:02 -0500
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On 02/26/18 05:27 pm, Andy Willis wrote:
Lewis wrote:

On 02/26/18 04:14 pm, Gregg Young wrote:

The one I sent earlier may be broken (always delete the
ini before testing). I have the wpi working including a
check for gbm. I have decided to release this as version

Okay. I'll check this out this evening, when I am in front of "ye olde
teste boxe."

I discover that ArcaOS installs gbm.dll twice (2 different

"X:\usr\lib\gbm.dll"       1047010  2017/02/26  18:21:38
"X:\OS2\DLL\gbm.dll"   186838  2017/07/09  01:52:34

Yes, we were aware of this, and it caused some discussion before
release. I thought we exorcised the one in \OS2\DLL, but as it should
come after \usr\lib in LIBPATH, it was never such a big deal. I think it
may be there as a fallback for some other stuff in case the GBM RPM is
uninstalled. Andy will hopefully remember better than I.

Thanks again. I'll follow up later with some tests.

Also, I will chat with Rich about the subclassing of the settings
notebook page for this, and see what guidance he may provide.


I built the RPM and set it to install in the typical \usr\lib... the one in os2\dll is I believe an old one.  I am not sure what puts it there, I think it ships with OS/2 though.

I found the thread in my staff list archives from before you were added. Steve and I discussed it, but it never got any farther along. I'll open a ticket at AN. If the fact is that we keep the older one in place as a fallback, then no harm done, but recall that LIBPATHSTRICT can do some weird things, and between this and Lucide, we may not want the older library just sitting there waiting for us to chase our tails trying to find something to resolve a ticket of "program won't start."

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