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Betreff: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 2
Datum: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 15:54:17 -0400
An: Gotcha! Developers Mailing List <>

Hi, Gregg...

On 07/25/21 01:10 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
Hi Lewis

A drop of RC 4 will follow.
Gotcha Quiet still seems to want to find *some* ini file, even if that
file is 0-length, otherwise it will throw an error for the missing
If this still happens please provide the exact error message.

The INI-file ("gotchaq.ini") could not be opened! Defaults will be used.

Yes, this still happens with RC2, and it appears to be
I have no idea why this happens the error message is in an "if" that should prevent the code from reaching it. I verified this with PMPrintf. I have set it up so the ini is written to the mem drive.

If you want to see if I finally managed to suppress this error try it using -i+. The attempt to open the setting should at least be gone.

I'll give this a shot at my next opportunity (not near my test setup right now).

It also displays an opening splash when the error is dismissed,
requiring OK to proceed. Is this intentional?
The window displayed says:

Gotcha! Quiet Settings (titlebar)
This is part of the error. It is suppose to allow you to set the language which no longer is possible in Gotcha Quiet.


It has the About information, no tabs, and OK, Undo, and Help buttons
with the latter two greyed out.

Also, I am not getting any images saved to %MEMDRIVE% now, at all.
Opening the settings with Alt-PrtSc, the Save directory is listed as:

Ya I assumed that %MEMDRIVE% was drive: not just drive. This is fixed.

Thanks. I figured as much.


Please try this with a Spanish installer and see if the language is set

It seems to be, yes. That said, the first tab and page of the options
dialog for gotchaq is blank. Ayuda does nothing (no help launched).
Try this again.

I have reworked it so the save type and directory can be changed for the case where someone wants to save to the install stick or an accessible fixed drive. Are you planning on allowing for the screen shots to be upload like the log files?

That's not in the current plan. The testlog upload is handy when for whatever reason, the UI is not fully functional or (when selected in preboot) there is no keyboard control once booted. Screenshots should be able to be attached to tickets using Arora (if logging into mantis from the system management environment). We will add a collector routine to endphase.cmd to copy them to the %LOGFILES% on the installation volume, for safe keeping, though.


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