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??: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha Notebook tab label issue
??: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 00:31:17 -0400
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Hi, Gregg...

On 07/11/21 06:07 pm, Gregg Young wrote:

I have been adding codepage and some unicode support to Gotcha. I have everything working except 2 of the tab  labels in Czech.

Tab 1 and 3 are the problems. They contain accented characters which you can see properly rendered as a subtitle directly below the tab. Tab 4 is the tab with unicode. The 2 in question have been set to codepage 852. If I change the labels to something without the accents it renders fine. Changing the codepage to 850 makes no difference. I have tried multiple fonts which also makes no difference. Suggestions?

If you change tabs 1 and 3 to UTF-8 instead of 852, does that make a difference?

Also, you've said that you've tried multiple fonts, but you didn't say which ones. Are you certain that the glyphs exist in the fonts you've tried?


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