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Subject: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 1.80 beta 1
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2018 01:46:41 -0500
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Hi, again...

On 02/27/18 02:25 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
Hi Lewis

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I have started
updating the resources and the version.

On 02/26/18 04:14 pm, Gregg Young wrote:

The one I sent earlier may be broken (always delete
ini before testing). I have the wpi working including a
check for gbm. I have decided to release this as

Okay, as I'm not sure what the known issues are, and
I don't want to clutter the bug tracker, here's what I get:

All formats work except for raw (does not seem to
produce any output, though Gotcha! beeps, and I see
nothng in POPUPLOG and no TRP files.
This is the same problem as with gif and pbm. It is a
GBM limitation. I will simply remove raw as there really
isn't a need for all these formats for a screen capture
utility. If someone want one of these missing formats in
the future I can look at it then.

I think that's a sane approach.

Version strings need to be updated.
Mostly done.

Help needs some additional adjustment to bring it in
with current functionality.
I committed the changes I have made to the help. Let
me know if you want to do this or want me to.

I can do this. No problem. I'm just pressed for the next couple of days, but I should be able to squeeze some of this in between tax returns over the weekend. :-)

We should create a "default" -q object in the folder,
in the help reference that a shadow may be placed in
Startup, or create a template in the Templates folder
which may then be modified to suit (overkill?).
I will add the -q object. A template is probably overkill.

That works.

Gotcha!'s strange UI layout is still annoying me with
Settings and Help duplicated on the window control
menu, and that menu being the only way to access
Program information. I dislike the availability of a
standard top menu, and then all of those buttons of
extraordinary size (though I realize that different
languages may need the room).
I added the Settings and help buttons for comment. I
don't like these items on the sys menu either. I wanted
some feed back. I could put 4 buttons at the bottom:
Settings Close About Help
If we do that we need to decide on order. I can also
remove the buttons and leave this stuff on the menu.

As I said in the other thread, Close seems superfluous.

I did try it with border less buttons for the capture
options which gives a much plainer look.

Well, these buttons should follow the system configuration, I think. On systems without the ability to customize buttons (Warp 4), I'm noncommittal.

English message file needs some polishing. Thorsten's
English is good, but there are the typical things I see in
Europeans' English writing, such as spaces before
punctuation ("files in directory ..."). Some other phrases
(including that one) could be improved. The same
comment applies to the help. I'll look at these in the
few days.
I committed the changes I have made to the dialogues.


Missing mnemonic: Settings button (as Screen is more
properly using the S, I would suggest "t" for this
Note the main window doesn't automatically pick up
mnemonics as it is a WINDOW not a DIALOG. (I had to
update WRC to get it to work.) While the ~ is translated
into an underline you need to add the ALT+ whatever to
the accel table for it to actually work.


Conflicting mnemonic (almost): On the window control
menu, Settings shows the S as the mnemonic but
ALT+E as the accelerator (uppercase, no less, yelling
me). Suggest that if we are going to keep these items
the menu that they match the main window, i.e., "t" -
note that I simply don't like these here, but I'll leave to
you to decide.
I fixed this it is now ALT+e. I still favor losing the menu
items. The menu stuff is in mainwin.cpp.

I think we should lose these odd items on the window menu.

Extra accelerator: ALT-A for Product information. I get
that it's an "About" page, but it seems to me that in
English, Alt-P would be the better choice on this menu.
It is now ALT+a but I think ALT+F1 also works on the
version you have.

I'd have to test (haven't unpacked that system, yet).


A proper Properties notebook should have a Default
button to return the page settings (not all!) to defaults
(which may not be the same as the last batch of
settings, thus differentiating "default" from "undo").
What do you mean not all?

We should not return all pages to their defaults when clicking Default on a single page. Sorry for not being clearer. So, if I am fiddling with/breaking/completely screwing up the settings on the Saving page, and I click Default to get back some sanity, I don't want my Snapshot page settings to be affected.

Saving page:

RFE for a future revision would be a browse button to
select the target directory, and another for the
Minor issue.
Help needs some text concerning the various image
formats. I had planned to add this to Lucide's GBM
plugin help. Hopefully, the same text will be useful for
both. (I will do this.)

Mnemonic conflict: Force / format.


"snapshot window" was a poor choice for this object
because reading the help, I now understand what that
annoying little square is down there. I first interpreted
this to means some sort of preview window. Silly me.
The object itself is kind of wonky. I don't know what it's
supposed to say in it. It looks like the Language Viewer
It says Snap!. I now see how it works but don't really see
the point. If it is set to "window" when you click on it you
get the same behavior as pushing the window button on
the main window. You can size and move it. It might
make sense as an XCenter widget.

That's about the only place I could see it going. Rich is right, though, in the AN ticket: we should lose this. It may have made some sense at one time (hard to see that, now), but it seems odd today.


Missing mnemonic: Serial capture timer setting. I would
suggest the "e" in "every" - but that's just me. Again, I
can look at the message file.


This is the only settings page with a bitmap on it, which
seems oddly out of character.

About panel:

Obviously, the content needs updating. the OK button
oddly sized and placed, with no mnemonic.

Why does the title of this window have to enclose
Gotcha! in quotes?
I will redo the about dialog and fix the mnemonics.

This looks much better in the screenshot. Thanks.


Comments on the items below tomorrow (long day).

In all, this is looking really good, now, Gregg. Thanks for
your work on it. I've spoken with Rich. Hopefully, he'll
back to me shortly, too.

As you see, he did. :-)

Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA, CLP, CLE, CWTS, EA
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