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Subject: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 1.80 beta 1
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2018 10:52:17 -0700 (MST)
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Hi Lewis


>>This is the same problem as with gif and pbm. It is a
>>GBM limitation. I will simply remove raw as there really
>>isn't a need for all these formats for a screen capture
>>utility. If someone want one of these missing formats
>>the future I can look at it then.
>I think that's a sane approach.

Already done.

>>>Version strings need to be updated.
>>Mostly done.
>>>Help needs some additional adjustment to bring it in
>>>with current functionality.
>>I committed the changes I have made to the help. Let
>>me know if you want to do this or want me to.
>I can do this. No problem. I'm just pressed for the next
>couple of days, but I should be able to squeeze some
>this in between tax returns over the weekend. :-)

There isn't any urgency here. If I happen to make any
changes to the help I will commit them as soon as they
are made but I probably won't since I have other issues
with the code and dialogues to address.

>>>We should create a "default" -q object in the folder,
>>>in the help reference that a shadow may be placed in
>>>Startup, or create a template in the Templates folder
>>>which may then be modified to suit (overkill?).
>>I will add the -q object. A template is probably overkill.
>That works.

I can also do a hotkey to open the settings in quiet
mode. I was thinking of using ALT+prnscr which I doubt
is used by anything.

>>>Gotcha!'s strange UI layout is still annoying me with
>>>Settings and Help duplicated on the window control
>>>menu, and that menu being the only way to access
>>>Program information. I dislike the availability of a
>>>standard top menu, and then all of those buttons of
>>>extraordinary size (though I realize that different
>>>languages may need the room).
>>I added the Settings and help buttons for comment. I
>>don't like these items on the sys menu either. I
>>some feed back. I could put 4 buttons at the bottom:
>>Settings Close About Help
>>If we do that we need to decide on order. I can also
>>remove the buttons and leave this stuff on the menu.
>As I said in the other thread, Close seems superfluous.

I agree about Close but like the 4 buttons. Is there
something else it could be? If not will go with 3.

>>I did try it with border less buttons for the capture
>>options which gives a much plainer look.
>Well, these buttons should follow the system
>configuration, I think. On systems without the ability to
>customize buttons (Warp 4), I'm noncommittal.

I'll leave the button style as is.

>>>English message file needs some polishing.
>>>English is good, but there are the typical things I see
>>>Europeans' English writing, such as spaces before
>>>punctuation ("files in directory ..."). Some other
>>>(including that one) could be improved. The same
>>>comment applies to the help. I'll look at these in the
>>>few days.
>>I committed the changes I have made to the

I am wondering if I should put the updated wrc and wlink
in the tools directory so others don't have the problem of
not having a wrc that can build Gotcha. They are on
netlabs and we should have updated RPMs soon.

>>>Missing mnemonic: Settings button (as Screen is
>>>properly using the S, I would suggest "t" for this
>>Note the main window doesn't automatically pick up
>>mnemonics as it is a WINDOW not a DIALOG. (I had
>>update WRC to get it to work.) While the ~ is
>>into an underline you need to add the ALT+ whatever
>>the accel table for it to actually work.
>>>Conflicting mnemonic (almost): On the window
>>>menu, Settings shows the S as the mnemonic but
>>>ALT+E as the accelerator (uppercase, no less,
>>>me). Suggest that if we are going to keep these
>>>the menu that they match the main window, i.e., "t" -
>>>note that I simply don't like these here, but I'll leave
>>>you to decide.
>>I fixed this it is now ALT+e. I still favor losing the
>>items. The menu stuff is in mainwin.cpp.
>I think we should lose these odd items on the window

Will do.

>>>Extra accelerator: ALT-A for Product information. I
>>>that it's an "About" page, but it seems to me that in
>>>English, Alt-P would be the better choice on this
>>It is now ALT+a but I think ALT+F1 also works on the
>>version you have.
>I'd have to test (haven't unpacked that system, yet).

ALT+P by itself isn't workable because of the mnemonic
issue in a WINDOW above. I am fine with multiple
hotkeys for about if you like.

>>>A proper Properties notebook should have a Default
>>>button to return the page settings (not all!) to
>>>(which may not be the same as the last batch of
>>>settings, thus differentiating "default" from "undo").
>>What do you mean not all?
>We should not return all pages to their defaults when
>clicking Default on a single page. Sorry for not being
>clearer. So, if I am fiddling with/breaking/completely
>screwing up the settings on the Saving page, and I click
>Default to get back some sanity, I don't want my
>Snapshot page settings to be affected.

OK should be relatively easy to do,

>>>Saving page:
>>>RFE for a future revision would be a browse button
>>>select the target directory, and another for the
>>>Minor issue.
>>>Help needs some text concerning the various image
>>>formats. I had planned to add this to Lucide's GBM
>>>plugin help. Hopefully, the same text will be useful
>>>both. (I will do this.)
>>>Mnemonic conflict: Force / format.
>>>"snapshot window" was a poor choice for this object
>>>because reading the help, I now understand what
>>>annoying little square is down there. I first interpreted
>>>this to means some sort of preview window. Silly me.
>>>The object itself is kind of wonky. I don't know what
>>>supposed to say in it. It looks like the Language
>>It says Snap!. I now see how it works but don't really
>>the point. If it is set to "window" when you click on it
>>get the same behavior as pushing the window button
>>the main window. You can size and move it. It might
>>make sense as an XCenter widget.
>That's about the only place I could see it going. Rich is
>right, though, in the AN ticket: we should lose this. It
>may have made some sense at one time (hard to see
>that, now), but it seems odd today.

I was thinking that since the code is already there that I
could add a -s switch. Without it the snapshot window
would be unavailable and the setting page would be
missing, With it it would behave as it currently does.

>>>Missing mnemonic: Serial capture timer setting. I
>>>suggest the "e" in "every" - but that's just me. Again,
>>>can look at the message file.
>>>This is the only settings page with a bitmap on it,
>>>seems oddly out of character.
>>>About panel:
>>>Obviously, the content needs updating. the OK
>>>oddly sized and placed, with no mnemonic.
>>>Why does the title of this window have to enclose
>>>Gotcha! in quotes?
>>I will redo the about dialog and fix the mnemonics.
>This looks much better in the screenshot. Thanks.
>>>Comments on the items below tomorrow (long day).
>>>In all, this is looking really good, now, Gregg. Thanks
>>>your work on it. I've spoken with Rich. Hopefully, he'll
>>>back to me shortly, too.
>As you see, he did. :-)

Yes Thanks


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