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Sujet: Re: [gotcha-dev] ] Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 6
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 13:00:28 -0400
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On 07/27/21 11:29 pm, Gregg Young wrote:

Attached is Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 6. This time with the attachment. This release includes the following changes:

1. An attempt to fix the help issue.

In Spanish, I now get a very quick popup during program start advising that help could not be initialized, and asking me if the file "gotcha_es" is present in the program directory (gotcha_es.hlp is present).

To be clear, to set this up for testing, I do the following:

1. Install a latest WPI on the build box.
2. Copy the content of c:\sys\apps\gotcha to the SVN workspace
   (\devel\arcaos\trunk\media\common\sys\apps\gotcha) *except* for the
   *.ini files.
3. Modify the preboot CONFIG.SYS to append \SYS\APPS\GOTCHA to LIBPATH,
   PATH, DPATH, and HELP (the latter three include the drive letter prefix
   for the ISO).
4. Modify for the language being tested to include near the

   Execute = "\sys\apps\gotcha\gotchaq.exe -i" ONCE;

5. During boot, I am changing the keyboard from Spanish to American English.

This works fine for EN with no keyboard change (confirmed for RC6).

2. The font issue (WarpSans on 1st page) should be fixed.

Font is consistent, but now I'm missing glyphs (see attached). I didn't notice these with RC5.

3. Updated wis using CP 1208 to make it more easily translatable

This seems to render properly under EN, but that's not much of a test, yet.


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