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Hlavi?ka: Re: [gotcha-dev] ] Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 6
Dátum: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 12:02:10 -0600 (MDT)
Komu: "Gotcha! Developers Mailing List" <>

On Wed, 28 Jul 2021 13:00:28 -0400 Lewis wrote:
>On 07/27/21 11:29 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
>>Attached is Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 6. This time with the attachment. This
>>release includes the following changes:
>>1. An attempt to fix the help issue.
>In Spanish, I now get a very quick popup during program start advising
>that help could not be initialized, and asking me if the file
>"gotcha_es" is present in the program directory (gotcha_es.hlp is
>To be clear, to set this up for testing, I do the following:
>1. Install a latest WPI on the build box.
>2. Copy the content of c:\sys\apps\gotcha to the SVN workspace
>   (\devel\arcaos\trunk\media\common\sys\apps\gotcha) *except* for the
>   *.ini files.
>3. Modify the preboot CONFIG.SYS to append \SYS\APPS\GOTCHA to LIBPATH,
>   PATH, DPATH, and HELP (the latter three include the drive letter
>   prefix for the ISO).
>4. Modify for the language being tested to include near the
>   Execute = "\sys\apps\gotcha\gotchaq.exe -i" ONCE;
>5. During boot, I am changing the keyboard from Spanish to American
>This works fine for EN with no keyboard change (confirmed for RC6).
>>2. The font issue (WarpSans on 1st page) should be fixed.
>Font is consistent, but now I'm missing glyphs (see attached). I didn't
>notice these with RC5.
>>3. Updated wis using CP 1208 to make it more easily translatable
>This seems to render properly under EN, but that's not much of a test,
Hi Lewis

This would be easier if I could test this in the setup it runs in:-(

I have changed the font on all the pages to 9.WarpSans which should have all the glyphs. I have modified how the hlp file is found. Hopefully this finally all works. The attached file is the updated Gotcha Quiet exe (add back the exe).



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