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Subject: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 2.0 Beta 4 wpi
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 04:37:06 -0500
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Sorry I didn't get back to you on beta 3, so here's a double-dose
of ..umm.. commentary. All comments pertain to gotchaq.

* 'Gotcha Main' is in System Proportional, everything else is WarpSans

* the notebook has a margin on the left side but runs up to the edge
of the right side - IMHO, it's better to squeeze the dialogs slightly
and center the notebook than to increase the overall window size

* pretty much every groupbox and its contents could use some tweaking
to make things look vertically balanced. In particular:
  - 'Image file format' is too big, 'Other options' too small
  - the contents of 'Capture type' and 'Delayed capture' need
    to be moved down, while the contents of 'Serial capture'
    should be moved up slightly

* two of the groupbox labels on 'Gotcha Main' have elipsis(es);
neither opens another window so they should be removed

* changing the label of 'Capture type' to 'Default capture' would
be more informative - I almost added a comment about "what happened
to my default capture options?".

* notebook tabs:
  - 'Gotcha' rather than 'Gotcha Main' would suffice - it is the
    first page, after all
  - given that everything on the 'Misc' page refers to capture
    options, wouldn't 'Capture' be a better label?
  - somehow, the options on the 'Misc/Capture' tab seem
    "more important" than the 'Saving' options - I'd make it page 2

Functionality / Design
* a naked 'Close' button gives the impression that it closes the
window rather than terminating the app. It needs a groupbox with a
meaningful label like "Terminate Gotcha!". The button should also
be more explicit, perhaps 'Exit'.

* why is there a 'Default' button? Or put another way, why would I
want to use the author's preferences when they probably aren't the
same as mine? There's nothing tricky or mission-critical here that
requires the author's expert knowledge.

* why is there an 'About' button - doesn't the help tell you that?

* why is there a 'Language' tab - shouldn't this be determined
automatically based on the LANG environment variable?

* why isn't there a (forgive me for putting it this way) 'X' button
on the titlebar?

* could you make the cancellation sound a little shorter/less annoying?

* I still need to make PMPrintf available to run the app.

* Does the install location for the app have to be hard-coded?
If this is integrated into AOS, the installer will put it in /sys/apps
but if someone just downloads and installs it, they should be free to
put it where they want.

Rich Walsh

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