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Subject: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 2.0 Beta 6
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 15:46:22 -0600 (MDT)
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Hi Rich

>Thanks for making those changes - it looks very nice.
>I don't want to nickel-and-dime you here, but just a few
>more tweaks
>and it will be perfect:

Might as well get it right. Probably end up redoing it if I

>* I tested it at 800x600 and 1024x768. At 1024 it
>good but
>at 800 the text for the top groupboxes was cut off. It
>looks like
>it needs another ~8 dialog units vertically. My _guess_
>the notebook is too short (rather than the individual

Actually it was the pages but it looks fine at 800x600
here now.

>Try adding 8 to the height of the notebook and dialog.
>* The 'Terminate Gotcha' groupbox is a bit cramped.
>Could you move
>it down about 2 dialog units and add 2 on either side
>it left 2, then increase its width by 4)? The button's size
>is good


>* I should have mentioned this last time, but the label
>capture buttons' groupbox (i.e. 'Capture') doesn't really
>the idea of "take a screenshot now". The best I can
>come up with
>is "Manual capture" - any ideas?

I changed it to "Capture now!"

>* This last one is entirely optional - I mention it mainly
>In cases like your 'About' info on the Language page
>(good idea, BTW)
>where you have multiple lines of text, create a single
>large static
>text field covering the entire area rather than multiple
>fields. If you give it the wordwrap attribute, you can
>break your
>text into individual lines using linefeeds (I forget
>accepts '\n' or '\0a').

\n works didn't try \0a. This looks much better.

>The benefit here is that the spacing looks more natural
>and adapts
>to the font being used. At hi-res, there may be a blank
>line at the
>bottom but at lo-res the entire area will be used. In this
>the first line which contains "Gotcha! 2.00" will have to
>separate so you can set the text color, but the
>benefit from being grouped in a single control.
>P.S. - Oi! there's always something else... "Use sound
>when capture
>finished" - this should probably be "when capture


Ctrl+prnscr now captures to the clipboard. I could have
Shift+prnscr do something different (currently captures
to file same as prnscr) but I don't see an obvious option
(open help maybe). Beta 6 is attached. Most of the accel
keys don't work (none of the notebook buttons; nothing
on the first page and they only work on the other pages
if you click on the groupbox first). Any ideas how to get
them working better. The first page with the accel table
loaded doesn't even get a CMDSRC_ACCERATOR
message. Thanks


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