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From: "Alfredo Fernández Díaz" <> Full Headers
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Subject: Minor translation and installation problems
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 15:22:20 +0100


Now that Gotcha! is finally included with AOS5.0.6.12 and I am seemingly "back" on the list...

I am attaching a screenshot illustrating at once a few problems I have found with the Spanish build:
-"Gotcha!" name is clipped in Gotcha! dialog (see missing right border on the label; system resolution: 800×600), .
-"WARNING" window title is untranslated (right above the mouse pointer in the screenshot).
-"Laame" object title hinted at Unicode handling problems. The WIS declared codepage 1208 but was actually encoded in CP850. Converted this for you to fix that and a few more Spanish strings. Attached.


Attached File:  gotcha.png (15180 bytes)
Attached File:  GOTCHA_utf.wis (20739 bytes)

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