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Subject: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 2.0 beta 12
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2018 21:22:22 -0400
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Hi, Gregg...

On 06/01/18 07:31 pm, Gregg Young wrote:

Optimized PM print screen off/on code.
Fixed capture of "region confirmation dialog".
Updated resources so Gotcha! works with all languages.
Cleaned up settings notebook and about dialog
Moved more strings to the STRINGTABLE.
Updated readme.

Outstanding issues:
Default setting for reopen after capture of Gotcha Quiet
settings. It is currently no; can change to yes or make it
user settable. Would need to add a tab to the notebook
to make it user settable.

I need a couple days of playing to provide a decent answer. Sorry for taking so long to even get back to this.

Default setting for delayed capture; this is user settable
and is currently no by default.

This is fine.

Handling of non "Screen" capture with menu open;
currently Gotcha Quiet grabs focus closing the menu
before you can make the selection (otherwise it hangs). I
can add a dialog for this (choices "capture" "don't" and
I could alternatively for window capture simply capture
the window with the open menu (no user selection).

Need to consider this.

Notes about GPL in Italian and PortBraz resources and
"Note from Thorsten: This file is not licensed under the
GPL but copyright by rico Mendona."
Should I try to contact them? I think this is probably a
lack of understanding of the difference between license
and copyright but can't be sure. Other alternatives are to
remove the statements leaving the copyright or remove
these from the distribution. Perhaps other option are

Contact would be my first choice, and perhaps we could get a couple new translators for ArcaOS, as a side benefit. :-)

Help still needs to be updated.

Indeed. Let me see if I can get that back on my desk after the ArcaOS 5.0.3 release.

Seconds/20 setting. Milliseconds isn't really a good
option since the current default would be 10,000.

Well, a decisecond is 1/10 second and a centisecond is 1/100. Unfortunately, few people recognize these (though perhaps not as few as those who are familiar with Planck time or Planck units).

The more I consider this, the more I think that we're kind of stuck with seconds/20 or "20ths of a second" or "[  ] / 20 of a second" and none are particularly appealing.

At Warpstock I got a use case for letting print screen do
the PM default to printer. I am thinking I will provide a
command line switch to allow this. I would use the
settings notebook but I would need to add another tab to
fit it in.

I thought that if Print Screen were enabled in the Screen Properties notebook (or where is the default location without XWP? Desktop Properties?), then we would just go to the printer. Why is there a need for yet another setting, here?

I have committed all the changes.

Thanks, and again, sorry for the late follow-up.


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