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Subject: Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 2
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 12:40:11 -0600 (MDT)
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Attached is Gotcha 2.0.1 RC 2. I have an RC 1 which I don't think I released but... This release includes the following changes:
1. Uses unicode to list all the program languages correctly in their own language.
2. Language is now set from the LANG environment variable unless it is overridden. It can only be overridden in Gotcha as the language is no longer selectible in Gotcha Quiet.
3. Help language is no longer separately selectible and is set based on the program language.
4. Added Spanish translation from Alfredo.
5. Clean up of settings dialog and documentation.
6. Added some hard coded errors to the string table.
7. #ifdef out more code not used by Gotcha Quiet.
8. Add -i switch to Gotcha Quiet for use from RO media during AOS install. It suppresses the ini error messages,  sets the save directory to z:\ and sets the file save type to numbered files (that are 8.3 format).

Give it a try. Hopefully, no (or at least not many new bugs). Thanks


Attached File:  Gotcha-2-0-1-RC_2.wpi (534516 bytes)

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