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Sujet: Re: [gotcha-dev] Gotcha 1.80 beta 1
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2018 17:00:23 -0500
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On 02/26/18 04:14 pm, Gregg Young wrote:

The one I sent earlier may be broken (always delete the
ini before testing). I have the wpi working including a
check for gbm. I have decided to release this as version

Okay. I'll check this out this evening, when I am in front of "ye olde teste boxe."

I discover that ArcaOS installs gbm.dll twice (2 different

"X:\usr\lib\gbm.dll"       1047010  2017/02/26  18:21:38
"X:\OS2\DLL\gbm.dll"   186838  2017/07/09  01:52:34

Yes, we were aware of this, and it caused some discussion before release. I thought we exorcised the one in \OS2\DLL, but as it should come after \usr\lib in LIBPATH, it was never such a big deal. I think it may be there as a fallback for some other stuff in case the GBM RPM is uninstalled. Andy will hopefully remember better than I.

Thanks again. I'll follow up later with some tests.

Also, I will chat with Rich about the subclassing of the settings notebook page for this, and see what guidance he may provide.



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