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Subject: Re: lSwitcher documentation issues and functional clarifications
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 23:36:36 -0400

Welcome to lSwitcher-dev...

I sent a note to Adrian this morning to ask him about setting up a couple of lists for us, and afterward, read some on gmane.discuss. It appears that the changeover at Gmane has not gone entirely according to plan, and getting lists updated and added is something of a hit-or-miss proposition. So, I have created:

I'll update the wiki page in short order, and will add these to the VOICE resources page (or ask Gordon to do that).


On 10/19/17 08:27 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
Hi Lewis

I'm knee-deep in working on the documentation, and
should have it together later today or tomorrow.

First, some semantic issues (which may need to be
addressed in the message files, as well):

Settings notebook:

1. Popup window or Popup Window (proper case on
Settings tab and page title?)
Not sure but we should be consistent. Pick one.

I'd pick Popup Window or just Popup (i.e., Popup, List, Taskbar, Widget for the four possible modes).

I will develop a standards document as I finish this manual re-write. We went through something like this (Akex and I) with ANPM (what to call the list of available packages, etc.), and we (a few of us, here) also went through it with the Lucide stuff when we created the help guide. Studying for my Novell exams, in particular, eDirectory Design and Implementation, we had a whole chapter devoted to the needs for a standards document (do usernames consist of just first names, first initial last name, etc.?). Without this, these inconsistencies continue to surface and waste time better spent elsewhere.

2. Miscellaneous: General or Miscellaneous (there is
one page, so why
   is it General?)
The Priority page now missing was Miscellaneous

Okay. Then let's use the minor text of General for that, or (better) no minor text until Priority is added, and then use General and Priority, leaving Miscellaneous for the major tab text.

3. Minor tab text for multiple pages shouldn't have
redundant names; thus
   the following should be changed:

    1. Popup window: General
    2. Popup window: Exclude
    3. Taskbar: General
    4. Taskbar: Mouse
    5. Taskbar:Exclude
This is what I inherited.

   to simply:

    1. General
    2. Exclusions
    3. General
    4. Mouse
    5. Exclusions

   The tab title tells us to what the page refers.
Should be easy to change.

Steve related how to do this to Konstantin, as Dynamic Icons had a bunch of identically-titled pages. I reviewed it last night, just to make sure I wasn't imagining this. :-)

4. Alt+Tab / Ctrl+Tab ("b" is truncated for both strings,
at several
Use the correct resolution:-). Probably an easy fix.


5. "Sticky" popup window or Sticky popup (is there a
need for quotes?)
No also inherited.

Quotes are going, then. They produce unnecessary clutter and impede readability - especially at higher resolutions.

6. Switch to PM from FS sessions (spell out full


I think it makes more sense. *We* know what "FS" means, but as I have been reminded by some of our Arca Noae tickets, there are users returning to the platform from Warp 4 and much of the terminology which we take for granted completely eludes them. We should never assume our users are as fluent as we, as this leads to more nonsensical tickets. :-)

7. Scroll message divider input box should be 1 char
wider, methinks

I don't understand the Scroll message divider thing at
Gregg. Please explain. The help currently says:
More broken then you think. My mouse is set to scroll 3
lines per message so if this setting is 1 it moves it 3
icons. If it is 3 it moves it 1.

It's certainly not a very reliable algorithm.

Ultimately, a slider bar (not for this release) might be more appropriate, like the sensitivity setting for SMOUSE.

I say this is broken because you set the Ctrl wheel and
Alt wheel for amouse separately. I had both set to do
nothing and with a nonsticky Alt-Tab window the scroll
did nothing. Setting Alt wheel to scroll made it work. To
make this work I need to make Alt wheel and Ctrl wheel
look like wheel. This will be great when someone
unknowingly turns the volume to 0 trying to figure out
why this doesn't work.

Indeed, I had to hit the Ctrl key to get the Popup sticky to test it. Longer term, do you just want to do away with this setting?

Did I mention that Ctrl-Alt-S doesn't work when the Popup is sticky?

   Specifies how many scroll messages will make the
popup window selection
   move one step.

Now that I have actually been able to get this to work, I
think we could come up with a better string for this in
properties notebook. (BTW, in the widget, the context
menu calls this Properties and not Settings. Frankly, I
think we should change the taskbar context menu to
Properties instead of Settings.)

Could we not just change the string to Scrolling
sensitivity? Technically, this may be a divisor (vs a
divider, which makes me think of a window split instead
of arithmetic), but the end user is going to consider this
sensitivity. On my Logitech mouse, for example, where
my wheel has detents, a value of 1 is one detent to
change task selection, whereas 9 is three detents.
I have to turn it three times farther around at the
setting. To my thinking, this is sensitivity.
It appears you figured it out.

Took me a while. :-)

Great quick read:

(Is that *our* Chris Graham referenced in that article, I
wonder? I'll have to ask him.)

Thanks. Input welcome.

I will take a look. Thanks

I love articles like that. It's good to be reminded of how we got where we are today with certain things.

More to do over here. I'll follow up.


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