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Subject: Maximum button width (pre-2.9.0 RC)
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:38:15 -0400
To: lSwitcher Developers Mailing List <>

It seems that this spinbox does not behave as normal Properties options are expected.

Unsetting all conflicting options does not enable input or spin buttons until the Properties are saved and the notebook is re-opened. I wonder what's up with that. The input box could also use some widening, as on my system at least, the units digit gets clipped (assuming hundreds, tens, units). The range seems a bit wonky (technical term), too. The minimum seems to be 22 (what? pixels? I guess), and going below that looks like 135, however, it is possible to go back up at that point over 999. Sometimes, the input box is greyed out, and other times, the spin buttons just don't work.

I would suggest:

 * Ensure that the spinbox is available as soon as the last conflicting
   option has been unset.
 * Set clear minimum and maximum values (so I can get those in the help!).
 * When input is not allowed, ensure that the value box is greyed out.

There was another issue in the Properties notebook which escapes me, now. I'll install the RC and continue working. Maybe it will come to me.

Standards draft, attached. I don't know that I have commit privs (I may). If so, where would you like the final draft, Gregg? I can put it in trunk directly or in docs or misc, I guess.


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