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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] Test + updated help (Spanish and English)
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 18:08:51 +0200
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I seem to be experiencing some glitch with accessing this list from my current location; I'll get home tomorrow and we'll see how it all goes from there. (Lewis, thanks for dropping the mbox file for me -- I'll keep bugging you if I still have problems -- sorry for the nuisance.)

El 20/08/29 a las 21:52, Gregg Young escribi�:
Hi Alfred

I had to fix the  mnemonic and hotkey for Mo~ver. It is v now.~Mosaico
already had m. Also note that all the popup window menu mnemonics  need to
be unique even if one is on a submenu and the other isn't. They also need
to match the hotkeys. The reason is that the mnemonics don't  actually work
if you are holding the alt or ctl key down. They appear  to work because
the hotkey works. Cam~biar a Dos~KillProcess and  SI~GKILL have been added.
I am attaching stres.rc and lswitch_es.ipf  with the fixes.

Thank you, that will come in handy for the next round of changes.

If you want to change one or more of the hotkeys you must follow the  rules
above (mnemonic must match) and you need to tell me because they  also need
to be updated in lswres.h.

Of course -- I knew something like that was coming, most likely. I will. Could you please produce another build so I can test my latest updates on a live system? I am afraid this needs review before release.

Thank you,

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