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Subject: Updated help for 2.9.0
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 22:52:29 -0400
To: lSwitcher Developers Mailing List <>

Not quite done, yet.

I can confirm that I do *not* have commit privs to the repo. :-(

So, I'm sending it along to someone who does. Obviously, I've only zipped it to keep it safe, and renamed the zip for dumb firewalls which actually look at file extensions to determine what they are and not what's really inside them.

Gregg, what I do not understand in the file is the footnote section. I have:

:h1 res=30026 id='debug' hide.

which won't produce the desired result of a footnote. Also, much of the context sensitivity as a result of entries such as this makes NewView go nuts (press F1 on the Taskbar page). I'll have to debug that stuff to get it working right. I suspect VyperHelp broke this. It was promising, but lacked enough recognition for IPF tags to be truly useful. We do have sources, so perhaps another project one day...


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