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Subject: XCenter widget
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 19:16:32 +0100
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I am a keyboard person, so to me lSwitcher's "main" act is the PM popup, which lets me handle a lot of things without ever reaching for the mouse. Although I use the taskbar, I mostly ignore it, and so I am rather unacquainted with the widget. Now that we have been discussing adequate labeling, something I am always up for, I decided I'd give the widget another go, and I have some suggestions.

-First, I don't think the widget should list the XCenter(s), just as the window list widget does: basically, an XCenter entry takes up room in the lSwitcher XCenter widget, and clicking on it accomplishes nothing (please correct me where I go wrong!), so I think this should go. An obvious, quick and dirty solution is to add "*XCenter*" (to account for most variations) to the filter list, but I don't really see the point of it being there in the first place.

I guess you could list and offer to close *other* XCenters from the lSwitcher widget, but "close" is not an option currently available for XCenters from the widget popup menu.

-Other tasks popup menu: they all have an "lSwitcher widget" submenu, but out of the six entries in it, only "Properties" corresponds to the widget itself; another three correspond exclusively to the XCenter (add widget / XCenter properties / close), and the last two could be attributed to either (help splits, and "delete widget" works for both). I propose "lSwitcher widget" be renamed to "lSwitcher / XCenter", or whatever you suggest.

-Finally, with two XCenters an lSwitcher can be added to each, but only the first one will unfold (and an error message pops up next time you try to open both XCenters). Adding a second lSwitcher to an XCenter is not allowed, OK, but then so it should be the case on a second XCenter if it won't work.

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