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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] Response to recent posts
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 13:14:08 +0100
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I think you guys misread me, or perhaps I went in too many roundabouts as usual,

On 20/11/26 07:45, Gregg Young wrote:
Mutiple lswitchers of any kind: The protection of shared memory in this case
is non-trivial partiuarly in an SMP setting. I am unwilling to even look at
this after it took me many months to hopefully make fat32 multiproceser safe.
If you want to write and debug the semaphore code for this feel free to do it.

I don't want multiple lSwitcher widgets at all. I was trying to point out that instead of one globally, currently one lSwitcher widget *per XCenter* is allowed.

I have no doubt getting multiple such things to work would be difficult, and probably is useless -- but in that case, as soon as the first lSwitcher widget is created, the option should be grayed out in ALL XCenters.

IIRC this should be a matter of specifying a certain widget type for XWP, but of course I may be wrong.


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