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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] Revisiting 2.92
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 12:33:50 -0700 (MST)
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On Sat, 28 Nov 2020 12:29:08 +0100 Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
>Hello Gregg,
>I am grateful for all the work you do on lSwitcher. However, further
>testing v2.93 I am under the impression that the font stuff you are
>doing on it, to paraphrase Doug, is breaking something, somewhere,
>somehow, and this may take a long time to fix, so I decided to check
>2.92 again, which looked much more solid with none of the 2.93 issues.

Unfortunately the whole point of 2.93 is to get the unicode, font and codepage stuff working.

>Remember how the PM popup hints didn't render properly on AOS
>(which was by far the single biggest problem), and that I reported they
>displayed just fine on older systems? Well, I got it to work -- it's
>apparently an installer / file layout issue, or at least that is what
>the hints needed to break.

Have you tried this same process with the 2.93 RCs? Also using warpin try uninstalling lSwitcher make sure you delete the ini file and anything else that happens to still be in its directory then reinstall it. Before you run it reboot to make sure the newly installed hook is the one that is loaded.
>I have several AOS systems now that show the same behavior
>I deem of interest. On each, I have TWO standalone lSwitchers: one
>installed via WarpIN (Hook +Common +TaskBar, default destinations), and
>the other unpacked manually, with the same files on a single directory.

This sounds like either a hook issue related to LIBPATH or an old ini file still in the install directory. It uses 4.System VIO for the hints. 2.92 used 6.System VIO. Is it possible that there is a problem with the font install in Both sizes exist according to the font palette.

It also uses 9.Warp Sans, 8.Times New Roman MT 30 and 8.Helv.
>Every time I run the installed lSwitcher, the hints are unreadable, as
>they were before. If I close the installed lSwitcher, however, and I
>run the unpacked one instead, hints are perfectly fine and dandy. I can
>close and switch back and forth between the two lSwitchers until I get
>tired, with the same results every single time.
>I hope this gives you some ideas, and helps you to get everything back
>on track as soon as possible.
>Of course, if you prefer that I stick to testing 2.93rc3, I will -- I
>have a few more issues to report on that front.

Yes stick to testing 2.93 as I have no plans to go back to 2.92 and start over. Thanks


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