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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] lSwitcher-2-93-0-RC_3.wpi
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 15:34:07 +0100
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Meanwhile, testing 2.93 rc 3 ...

On 20/11/27 22:59, Gregg Young wrote:

Attached is lSwitcher-2-93-0-RC_3.wpi.
It fixes the hint change failure

I confirm the PM popup font does not start as bold, then switches to normal -- the font is normal from the beginning when the popup pops up now.

and popup window update failure on closing a process.

Confirmed: when you select a new task, hints below are updated; when you close a task, the display is updated.

However, now the PM popup window flickers while I keep Ctrl/Alt pressed so the popup stays on screen. This had never happened before -- it's what made me go check 2.92 again in the first place.

It also fixes the extra menu divider.

I see.

Now that I think of it... if the lSwitcher widget lists XCenters, why won't it let offer Close at least for *the other one* from its context menu n the widget? You could rightfully argue that closing "this" XCenter is not a necessary option on the widget because the whole XCenter area already has it in its popup menu, but that's not true for "the other" one.

XCenters always have Close on their popup menu in the system Window list.

Hopefully, it fixes the funny box
on the global page only seen in Spanish.

Nope. At 800x600, the text is clipped so it looks like "Ctrl+Alt-" and the square seems to be gone, but on a bigger screen the dialog is readjusted and the square is still clearly there.

I also tried to improve some of
the dialog spacing (centered the hot key in its entry field, etc).

I confirm that's centered.

OK, on to font issues...

On screenshot one, you can see (1) Times Roman or some other serif font is still used on the Run dialog, and (2) some font is used for the taskbar popup menus (up right), that is changed to a bolder one on screenshot two. AFAICT, the bolder one is the normal font for such menus in the rest of the system, but in lsw 2.93 I need to play with the language dropdown for the menu to use that font (switch, and switch back, check -- you don't even need to use the Save button in between).

On the other hand, drawing the dialogs with Times New Roman is still ridiculously slow, and I wonder if there's any need for this -- please let me explain:

Screenshot #3 is 2.92 again, in Russian. Everything looks right, except for a few characters on the menu (upper right corner) -- and this is not even a Russian (or Russian-enabled) system!

On a system where I would expect to use programs with a Russian (read: whatever language) UI, do you think I wouldn't have fonts covering the necessary characters in place, if not provided with the system already?

Case in point: I have an older Spanish work system where naturally Spanish non-ASCII characters are displayed correctly all the time. I expect this may not be the case for the Global tab (CP1207), but when the time comes to switch that system to the current lSwitcher, I won't complain Spanish text doesn't display properly there -- if anything, I will ask you what font I need to update!

Now, on that same system, Russian text does not render correctly in general (you know I have other systems where Russian is a must) -- well, I don't even have CODEPAGE=866 there. Do you think I would complain if the lSwitcher UI failed to show its Russian menus, etc.? I will certainly not.

Feel free to counter-argument, for I may be overlooking stuff, but please remember I say all of this in the spirit of saving you efforts that may be unnecessary :)

Thank you,
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