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Subject: 2.92 vs 2.93 on MCP2 vs AOS (was lSwitcher-2-93-0-RC_4.wpi (was [...] RC_3))
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 12:27:46 +0100
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El 20/12/16 a las 00:32, Alfredo Fern�ndez D�az escribi�:

Now, I also installed a plain vanilla (no "international" fonts, no "Russian"
fonts, no nothing installed on top) Spanish MCP2 system from 2001 for further
testing -- lSwitcher 2.92 (which didn't do the settings font switch) displays
its Russian notebook just fine on that with the default font (System
Proportional IIRC). I tried all the fonts that pop up in the font palette by
default (Tms Rmn, Courier, Helv) and the Russian notebook displays just fine,
letting aside the clipping at 640�480. I am not a specialist in Czech or
Polish, but they look readable to me as well, and certainly there are no
squares nor "house" characters.
Just see the lSw292@MCP2 screenshots series.

Case in point: I have an older Spanish work system where naturally
Spanish non-ASCII characters are displayed correctly all the time. I
expect this may not be the case for the Global tab (CP1207),

The only reason this wouldn't work is if the system predates the use
of uconv.dll or if it doesn't have the Warp Sans and/or Helv fonts
installed. None of which is likely.

Actually, I was right,

Almost ;)

and I can show you on the test MCP2/es system again.
The only thing that did not render properly in 2.92 in it, was the "Global"
page with the multi-language drop-down: not even "Espa�ol", whereas the other
pages do Spanish, Russian, etc. flawlessly. The good news is that page is
already fixed in 2.93 without using the Times New Roman, either. Have a look
at the "Unicode_" pair of screenshots.

So, language support already worked in MCP2 without any fancy font stuff in v2.92, with only one yet notable exception: the Global tab (the only one that really needs to be multilingual, so it uses CP1207). This really irked me last night, but I was too tired to go on.

To summarize:

-In v2.92, non-ASCII chars in the Global tab don't display properly under MCP2, but they do under AOS.
-In v2.93(rc4), the whole notebook displays properly even under bare MCP2.

So something in the difference between MCP2 and AOS was doing something for 2.92 that 2.93 was doing on its own. Sleeping over it, it hit me this morning: Styler has this 'dialog enhancing' setting labelled "set a dialog font default"...

And that's it:

In v2.92, all tabs use WarpSans, except Global -- this could be seen on my last screenshots using a boldish, system default font (System Proportional, probably) on MCP2 but not on AOS.

On an MPC2, I installed Styler. Now, with Styler having set its dialog default font, everything in the 2.92 settings notebook displays properly, including the Global tab, which was rendered using WarpSans (Styler's own default, which happens to be a Unicode font) now. Turn that setting off, and the Global tab gets back to its 'bad' display -- so it's that default font.

On the same MCP2, v2.93 already uses WarpSans explicitly for all its notebook tabs, so Styler doesn't make a difference (not that it should even try unless you check another setting called "replace even explicitly set fonts" owtte).


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