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Subject: Russian and Spanish on Russian (was Saving settings and undo stuff [...])
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 13:19:05 +0100
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On 20/12/16 01:53, Alfredo Fern�ndez D�az wrote:
On 20/12/13 21:20, Gregg Young wrote:
3. Determine the effect of the codepage and font changes for Russian etc
when lSwitcher is run on a Russian etc system.

Will be checking tomorrow, now that I am at it for a while.

K, I installed a Russian AOS before going to sleep, I've been fiddling with it this morning.

The lSwitcher module won't install because it can't find XWP. This is a problem with Unicode handling in WarpIN -- the o-umlaut � in "Ulrich M�ller" translates to a Russian F I can't type here, and that dependence is incorrectly reported as missing.

Letting that aside for the moment being, both lSwitcher 2.92 and 2.93 seem to work OK under Russian AOS, both using Russian and Spanish.

v2.93 switches to WarpSans and CP850 when Spanish is selected, and it works, and uses Times New Roman otherwise. v2.92 just works using WarpSans all the time (Styler active, D'oh!).

I can send screenshots later on if necessary.

What I have discovered now (read: didn't notice before because all non-English codepages incorporate English as a subset) is that some more dialog tabs may need to be switched to CP1207, namely anything that might incorporate window titles, etc. from the system if running in a language that uses a different codepage.

Case in point: running lSwitcher in Spanish on the Russian system (aren't we supposed to test stuff?), the application uses CP850, which seems logical in principle, and Spanish displays just right. However, when Russian window titles are injected into the popup dialog, or the filter lists, they come up as gibberish (because CP850 does not know about Russian chars). To have them both displayed correctly at the same time, CP1207 should be used, window titles be converted before being inserted, etc.

This is important to ponder considering just how multilingual do we want to go? ;)

Thank you,

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