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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] lSwitcher documentation issues and functional clarifications
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 22:09:48 -0600 (MDT)
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On Thu, 19 Oct 2017 23:36:36 -0400 Lewis wrote:
>Welcome to lSwitcher-dev...
>I sent a note to Adrian this morning to ask him about
>setting up a couple of lists for us, and afterward, read
>some on gmane.discuss. It appears that the
>at Gmane has not gone entirely according to plan, and
>getting lists updated and added is something of a
>hit-or-miss proposition. So, I have created:

i knew there were problems in this regard and that is why
the groups didn't exist.


Thanks. This should be helpful.

>I'll update the wiki page in short order, and will add
>to the VOICE resources page (or ask Gordon to do
>On 10/19/17 08:27 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
>>Hi Lewis
>>>I'm knee-deep in working on the documentation, and
>>>should have it together later today or tomorrow.
>>>First, some semantic issues (which may need to be
>>>addressed in the message files, as well):
>>>Settings notebook:
>>>1. Popup window or Popup Window (proper case on
>>>Settings tab and page title?)
>>Not sure but we should be consistent. Pick one.
>I'd pick Popup Window or just Popup (i.e., Popup, List,
>Taskbar, Widget for the four possible modes).

Popup etc works for me.

>I will develop a standards document as I finish this
>manual re-write. We went through something like this
>(Akex and I) with ANPM (what to call the list of
>packages, etc.), and we (a few of us, here) also went
>through it with the Lucide stuff when we created the
>guide. Studying for my Novell exams, in particular,
>eDirectory Design and Implementation, we had a whole
>chapter devoted to the needs for a standards
>(do usernames consist of just first names, first initial
>name, etc.?). Without this, these inconsistencies
>continue to surface and waste time better spent

>>>2. Miscellaneous: General or Miscellaneous (there is
>>>one page, so why
>>>   is it General?)
>>The Priority page now missing was Miscellaneous
>Okay. Then let's use the minor text of General for that,
>or (better) no minor text until Priority is added, and then
>use General and Priority, leaving Miscellaneous for the
>major tab text.
No minor should work fine.

>>>3. Minor tab text for multiple pages shouldn't have
>>>redundant names; thus
>>>   the following should be changed:
>>>    1. Popup window: General
>>>    2. Popup window: Exclude
>>>    3. Taskbar: General
>>>    4. Taskbar: Mouse
>>>    5. Taskbar:Exclude
>>This is what I inherited.
>>>   to simply:
>>>    1. General
>>>    2. Exclusions
>>>    3. General
>>>    4. Mouse
>>>    5. Exclusions
>>>   The tab title tells us to what the page refers.
>>Should be easy to change.
>Steve related how to do this to Konstantin, as Dynamic
>Icons had a bunch of identically-titled pages. I reviewed
>last night, just to make sure I wasn't imagining this. :-)

I am pretty sure this will be easy to do.

>>>4. Alt+Tab / Ctrl+Tab ("b" is truncated for both
>>>at several
>>>   resolutions)
>>Use the correct resolution:-). Probably an easy fix.
>>>5. "Sticky" popup window or Sticky popup (is there a
>>>need for quotes?)
>>No also inherited.
>Quotes are going, then. They produce unnecessary
>clutter and impede readability - especially at higher

Works for me.

>>>6. Switch to PM from FS sessions (spell out full
>I think it makes more sense. *We* know what "FS"
>means, but as I have been reminded by some of our
>Arca Noae tickets, there are users returning to the
>platform from Warp 4 and much of the terminology
>we take for granted completely eludes them. We should
>never assume our users are as fluent as we, as this
>leads to more nonsensical tickets. :-)

Easy fix. I will make the change

>>>7. Scroll message divider input box should be 1 char
>>>wider, methinks
>>>I don't understand the Scroll message divider thing
>>>Gregg. Please explain. The help currently says:
>>More broken then you think. My mouse is set to scroll
>>lines per message so if this setting is 1 it moves it 3
>>icons. If it is 3 it moves it 1.
>It's certainly not a very reliable algorithm.

No kidding. What is 2/3 of an icon?-)
>Ultimately, a slider bar (not for this release) might be
>more appropriate, like the sensitivity setting for

Probably no more predictable.

>>I say this is broken because you set the Ctrl wheel
>>Alt wheel for amouse separately. I had both set to do
>>nothing and with a nonsticky Alt-Tab window the scroll
>>did nothing. Setting Alt wheel to scroll made it work.
>>make this work I need to make Alt wheel and Ctrl
>>look like wheel. This will be great when someone
>>unknowingly turns the volume to 0 trying to figure out
>>why this doesn't work.
>Indeed, I had to hit the Ctrl key to get the Popup sticky
>to test it. Longer term, do you just want to do away
>this setting?

May be it should go shorter term. Easier than fixing it.

>Did I mention that Ctrl-Alt-S doesn't work when the
>Popup is sticky?

That doesn't surprise me Ctrl-Alt-anything isn't defined in
the accel tables. What did you think it would do.

>>>   Specifies how many scroll messages will make the
>>>popup window selection
>>>   move one step.
>>>Now that I have actually been able to get this to
>>>think we could come up with a better string for this in
>>>properties notebook. (BTW, in the widget, the
>>>menu calls this Properties and not Settings. Frankly,
>>>think we should change the taskbar context menu to
>>>Properties instead of Settings.)
>>>Could we not just change the string to Scrolling
>>>sensitivity? Technically, this may be a divisor (vs a
>>>divider, which makes me think of a window split
>>>of arithmetic), but the end user is going to consider
>>>sensitivity. On my Logitech mouse, for example,
>>>my wheel has detents, a value of 1 is one detent to
>>>change task selection, whereas 9 is three detents.
>>>I have to turn it three times farther around at the
>>>setting. To my thinking, this is sensitivity.
>>It appears you figured it out.
>Took me a while. :-)
>>>Great quick read:
>>>(Is that *our* Chris Graham referenced in that article,
>>>wonder? I'll have to ask him.)
>>>Thanks. Input welcome.
>>I will take a look. Thanks
>I love articles like that. It's good to be reminded of how
>we got where we are today with certain things.
>More to do over here. I'll follow up.


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