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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] lSwitcher 2 92 RCs
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 23:47:02 -0400
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On 09/02/20 11:32 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
On Wed, 2 Sep 2020 23:06:32 -0400 Lewis wrote:
On 09/02/20 10:47 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
On Wed, 2 Sep 2020 13:35:34 -0400 Lewis wrote:
Hi, Gregg...

On 08/29/20 04:23 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
On Sat, 29 Aug 2020 12:46:31 +0200 Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
.... and getting ahead again... ;p

On 20/08/27 18:24, Lewis wrote:
Still running to catch up...

On 08/27/20 05:53 am, Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
The screenshot is from January, 2019. I guess some subconscious
of my
brain was hoping somebody else would notice too ;(

And I have a few like that for AOS too ;(((
If everyone used English (as he should, some would no doubt argue),
not be having this discussion. :-D

Indeed, I am guilty as charged for not reviewing the other
(at all,
in this case). :'(
Well, it's part of what we're supposed to do. I'm sorry sometimes
somebody "has to" report something because I didn't clear my to-do
fast enough, though. So many wasted hours :(

I didn't check because the change that caused this was to the build
system not any of the resources. In retrospect I should have realized
what could happen.

You aren't expected to think of everything. That's why this is a team

I wish there were something we could do about the non-CP850
such as to localize the dropdown content itself. We can discuss
release, I guess.
The names /are/ localized,
Quite right. I meant to say, localized for the currently-selected
language. Thus:

I can do this if that is what everyone want or I can translate
and German but leave Russian and Czech in English. Let me know.

See my previous comment on this. It just stands to reason that a
German speaker, installing on a system with LANG=de_DE, would expect
to read these names in German. If he then shifted the language to
Englische, he wold expect the names to be in, well, Englische, because
presumably, he switched because he can read it.

My mention of the timezone names list is key, here. In ArcaOS and in
TIMESET, the countries and zones are localized. I see no reason not to
localize the language names for the same reason.

The names for all the languages is drawn from one place so the German
version will show English not Englische.
I know. My point was to illustrate what might be in his mind (Englische
vs English - that was an easy one).

However I think this is correct. The dialog now shows each language
correctly spelled and rendered in its native language.
I have to look at RC6. I should probably not muddy the waters until I
see this post-RC5.

If installing with lang=de_DE, I would expect by default (no language
changes, yet) for the list to look more like:


Just my way of thinking of it from here.
This makes no sense unless you think we should change the current translated names in the English version to


(ie no translation).

This is indeed my thinking. Match the strings in the list to the current UI language.

I thought the object of this was for people with limited language skills to be able to see their language in their language on this list.  Thanks

If they get to this point (i.e., installed in English vs, say, German), then why would they expect non-English strings anywhere?

We should respect the LANG variable. If the user has LANG set to en_US, then we can assume that he or she should be able to read English. Likewise, if LANG=de_DE, we should assume that he or she can read German, and default to that in the UI, even in dropdown lists.

We aught to re-think the WIS for a later release, too, and provide a localized experience during install.


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