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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] lSwitcher 2.92 RC 6
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 09:13:28 -0500
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Sorry for top post, from phone, but had been avoiding answering due to it long enough...
I am not sure if it absolutely failed having two Reduce Desktops (I have done it in the past) or if it was just that it is undefined what happens with more than one and icon creep seemed linked to it.

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020, 22:36 Lewis <> wrote:
I heard my name being mentioned (my ears were burning)...

On 09/02/20 03:23 am, Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
> Hi,
> On 20/09/02 04:41, Gregg Young wrote:
>> On Tue, 1 Sep 2020 20:57:40 +0200 Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
> <snip>
>>> For some reason the
>>> system won't let you Cascade or Tile some windows, such as the Desktop
>>> itself, or the DHCP monitor from the Window list, and I just did it with
>>> lSwitcher. However, results do not always look 'happy' -- have a look at
>>> the screenshots.
>> The screenshots are irrelevant to cascade and tile. These only change the
>> size and position of the program relative to the desktop. Many programs do
>> not allow this (not my problem).
>> If you wish to convince me there is a problem you need to show me a case
>> where what happened is different than using cascade or tile from the
>> window list.
>> That mean a full screen screen shot before the tile or cascade and a full
>> screen screen shot post. You then need to start from the exact same
>> position and size and repeat this with the windows list. If they are the
>> same it is performing as designed.
> OK, let's see if I can word this better...
> +DCHP Monitor (to pick a program present on all systems):
> -Has a non-resizable window.
> -From the Window list you can bring up a context menu with Cascade and
> Tile in it. Selecting "Tile" seems to do nothing, and "Cascade" only moves
> the window to the screen upper left corner.
> -From the lSwitcher PM popup, targeting DHCP Monitor and pressing T for
> Tile or A for Cascade *will* move the DHCP Monitor window around *and*
> resize it as in the screenshots I sent last time.
> If that's not "different" enough, to get the DHCP monitor window back to
> normal afterwards you need to close it and open its program object again.
> +Desktop:
> -This window is full-screen, not resizable or movable, and has no visible
> title bar.
> -The only actions allowed from its Window list context menu are "Switch
> to" and Help, i.e. no "Cascade" and no "Tile" (What would "change size and
> position relative to Desktop" mean for the Desktop itself anyway?)
> -From the lSwitcher PM popup, targeting the Desktop and pressing T or A
> for Tile or Cascade *will* give the Desktop window a title bar with no
> controls, and make it smaller than the screen, as in the other screenshot
> I sent.
> -Once the Desktop is like this, you need to restart it or reboot to get
> back to normal.
> ...
>>> Help says "'Reduce Desktop workarea' /will/ fail " [with XCenter], and
>>> now lSwitcher actually prevents you from checking it with 'auto-resize'.
>>> I thought this would be because of the new XWP, but there must be
>>> some other reason -- I just checked a fresh AOS5055 (so newest XWP)
>>> with Andrei's last lSwitcher and it can reduce the Desktop workarea
>>> cooperatively with XCenter (see lsw_old), so no need to prevent users
>>> from checking this. I would consider this a regression.
>>> As for a real RFE, PM popup icons have a context menu that you can bring
>>> up by clicking on them with MB2. How about making the PM popup react
>>> to the same PM message coming from the keyboard? (Originally mapped to
>>> Shift-F10, can also be triggered on Windows keys with Styler).
>> The change is based on the documentation and I don't know how safe or
>> consistent this is. Thanks
> Do you mean somebody else (Lewis?) wrote "this may fail" ("will fail" now)
> in the help, and you prevented the option from being selectable because it
> will fail, or...?

Hmmm... Did I write that? Seems odd. Checking...

Well, the SVN log says:

r37 | gyoung | 2013-04-28 17:47:02 +0100 (Sun, 28 Apr 2013) | 1 line

Created an ipf file for lswitcher based on the readme for version 2.70. The
file was generated with
Viperhelp. Moved the readme files to a docs subdirectory.

So, looking at the Andrei's 2.70 readme, I don't see it. It was added prior
to 2.80, however. Looks like Gregg's r71 added this:

:p.Reduce Desktop fails if it has already been called by another program
&lpar.i.e. xWorkplace&rpar.&per.

Perhaps this was an issue in 2.80 which was subsequently fixed (either in
XWP or lSwitcher), and it just never made its way out of the known issues list.


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