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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] lSwitcher documentation issues and functional clarifications
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 00:52:30 -0400
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On 10/20/17 12:09 am, Gregg Young wrote:
On Thu, 19 Oct 2017 23:36:36 -0400 Lewis wrote:


i knew there were problems in this regard and that is why
the groups didn't exist.
Thanks. This should be helpful.

Hopefully. Already, I dropped Doug from a cc'd reply (sorry, Doug).

We have one large consulting client where they insist on 101 cc's. It gets to the point where you think you're getting spammed there are so many addresses in the header, and people either fall off or start getting stuff they never even needed to see. It's truly amazing. Bad Windows habits follow people into the office. It's like Halloween - 365 days per year. LOL

I'll update the wiki page in short order, and will add
to the VOICE resources page (or ask Gordon to do

On 10/19/17 08:27 pm, Gregg Young wrote:
Hi Lewis

I'm knee-deep in working on the documentation, and
should have it together later today or tomorrow.

First, some semantic issues (which may need to be
addressed in the message files, as well):

Settings notebook:

1. Popup window or Popup Window (proper case on
Settings tab and page title?)
Not sure but we should be consistent. Pick one.
I'd pick Popup Window or just Popup (i.e., Popup, List,
Taskbar, Widget for the four possible modes).

Popup etc works for me.


(Anyone else on the list should speak up with any objections, please. In that case, please be ready to suggest an alternative.)


2. Miscellaneous: General or Miscellaneous (there is
one page, so why
   is it General?)
The Priority page now missing was Miscellaneous
Okay. Then let's use the minor text of General for that,
or (better) no minor text until Priority is added, and then
use General and Priority, leaving Miscellaneous for the
major tab text.

No minor should work fine.

Good. That would be best. Add it later, when it makes sense in context.

3. Minor tab text for multiple pages shouldn't have
redundant names; thus
   the following should be changed:

    1. Popup window: General
    2. Popup window: Exclude
    3. Taskbar: General
    4. Taskbar: Mouse
    5. Taskbar:Exclude
This is what I inherited.

   to simply:

    1. General
    2. Exclusions
    3. General
    4. Mouse
    5. Exclusions

   The tab title tells us to what the page refers.
Should be easy to change.
Steve related how to do this to Konstantin, as Dynamic
Icons had a bunch of identically-titled pages. I reviewed
last night, just to make sure I wasn't imagining this. :-)
I am pretty sure this will be easy to do.

Should be. I don't have the ticket number offhand, but the discussion is in a closed ticket in the Dynamic Icons subproject for ArcaOS-Dev.

4. Alt+Tab / Ctrl+Tab ("b" is truncated for both
at several
Use the correct resolution:-). Probably an easy fix.

5. "Sticky" popup window or Sticky popup (is there a
need for quotes?)
No also inherited.
Quotes are going, then. They produce unnecessary
clutter and impede readability - especially at higher
Works for me.

Great. Thanks.

6. Switch to PM from FS sessions (spell out full

I think it makes more sense. *We* know what "FS"
means, but as I have been reminded by some of our
Arca Noae tickets, there are users returning to the
platform from Warp 4 and much of the terminology
we take for granted completely eludes them. We should
never assume our users are as fluent as we, as this
leads to more nonsensical tickets. :-)
Easy fix. I will make the change


7. Scroll message divider input box should be 1 char
wider, methinks

I don't understand the Scroll message divider thing
Gregg. Please explain. The help currently says:
More broken then you think. My mouse is set to scroll
lines per message so if this setting is 1 it moves it 3
icons. If it is 3 it moves it 1.

It's certainly not a very reliable algorithm.
No kidding. What is 2/3 of an icon?-)


Ultimately, a slider bar (not for this release) might be
more appropriate, like the sensitivity setting for
Probably no more predictable.


I say this is broken because you set the Ctrl wheel
Alt wheel for amouse separately. I had both set to do
nothing and with a nonsticky Alt-Tab window the scroll
did nothing. Setting Alt wheel to scroll made it work.
make this work I need to make Alt wheel and Ctrl
look like wheel. This will be great when someone
unknowingly turns the volume to 0 trying to figure out
why this doesn't work.
Indeed, I had to hit the Ctrl key to get the Popup sticky
to test it. Longer term, do you just want to do away
this setting?
May be it should go shorter term. Easier than fixing it.

Fine with me. Unless there are objections from anyone else, I say let's lose it.

Did I mention that Ctrl-Alt-S doesn't work when the
Popup is sticky?
That doesn't surprise me Ctrl-Alt-anything isn't defined in
the accel tables. What did you think it would do.


Okay, with any app open and running, press Ctrl-Alt-S. The Taskbar may be hidden. The Properties notebook opens on the desktop. This is pretty neat, though I don't think it should work this way (what if something else with focus wanted to grab those keys?). Anyway, this doesn't work when the Popup has focus.

Ctrl-Alt-S is mentioned in the documentation. I never knew about it (nor was I aware that I could get a process list with Ctrl-LMB on the Desktop icon, and then select a process for killing). I was on the beta team for lSwitcher for a long time, too, and thought that other than the widget, I knew pretty much all of it. LOL. I love finding stuff like this.



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