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Subject: Priority dialog and help
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 17:19:39 -0400
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I've just made some interesting rediscoveries:

While my comments in the help section regarding DOS sessions are mostly correct, the behavior we currently have and what is possible to change is not.

All VDMs run at some delta between 0 and 31 in priority class PRTYC_REGULAR (Class 2).  The VDM handler apparently maps the DOS Setting "SESSION_PRIORITY" values 1 to 32 to priority deltas 0 to 31.

This is essentially what I put into the help text. However, what is not clear (or stated incorrectly, based upon program observation) is that SESSION_PRIORITY (i.e., delta) *cannot* be changed for running VDMs, and neither (as stated in the help) can the class be changed. IOW, All VDMs run in class 2. SESSION_PRIORITY is settable in program properties *before* starting the session, and fixed at that level (delta) once started. There is no way to adjust these DOS session settings once running.

Polling options can be changed for running VDMs, however (IDLE_SECONDS and IDLE_SENSITIVITY), but lSwitcher provides no dialog for doing this.

So, what is needed is an RFE for lSwitcher to remove the Priority menu selection for VDMs as it is simply irrelevant and misleading and to adjust the help as necessary. (Likewise, XWP help should be updated to include this tidbit pertaining to DOS sessions, but that's a different discussion for a different project.)

Comments and discussion welcome for all of this absurdity.


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