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Subject: Re: [lswitcher-dev] Spanish translation
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 12:54:45 +0200
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Hi Gregg,

On 20/08/27 20:06, Gregg Young wrote:
Hi Alfredo

I got the files. However, you didn't send the Spanish help file.
Did you intend to send the GPL2.ipf which I have?

Yes, I did. It's reformatted to get rid of fixed length lines, so an horizontal scroll bar will not be required without a good reason.

I expect to complete the Spanish translation of the help file later on today, and afterwards I'll move on to rearrange it all while we keep testing your RCs some more. If I can get the revamp done in time for the release, good. If not, it will be there next time.

The resources built fine. I fixed one clipped line of text but the rest looked good.

Good ^^

Thank you,

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