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Subject: Re: lSwitcher 2 92 RCs
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 12:41:53 +0200

Following your advice to switch to the list after we learned I didn't really go AWOL, or at least not on my own volition...

On 20/08/27 17:55, Lewis wrote:
I'm a couple posts behind; sorry...

Never mind, we've all been there at times :)

On 08/25/20 05:37 am, Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
Wow, trying to catch up...

On 20/08/21 22:14, Lewis wrote:
I think it's more important to be consistent within applications than across
them. I expect most users to be intuitively aware of applications behaving
slightly different because it's more or less forced on them all the time

That's a reasonable expectation.

Either you come to expect that, or stay confused for life. No kidding, btw -- I know of several such people.

That said, and given the ambiguity in CUA, I would say the way to go is to
have a mnemonic available for everything including OK/Cancel/Help/whatever
when possible, and have anything take precedence over them if necessary
because they have Enter/F1/Esc/etc. available anyway.

Okay. I can get on board with that.

Good. It would be even better to keep consistency in the grander scale, of course, but that would only come at an incredible cost in hours unless something like TM/2 could be used (wink wink).

The listmeister has to actually go look, which involves more of this finger
stuff on this keyboard. Much easier to just sit and read. LOL

Yes, except sometimes it all invites to play a claim chicken game (you know, when two people just keep claiming stuff hoping the other will get up and go check --the only way to win the argument is to lose the game-- ain't we got fun ;)

> Alfredo: Hint: The Priority dialog help was generally paraphrased from the
XWP > help for Processes And Threads and Thread Priorities. I should have
commented > that better in the IPF.> > I also adjusted some tab widths where
we had some messy definition lists.>

OK, will have a look. Remember I was almost done with a revamp of the help
file, but made the mistake of starting with Spanish.

I hope my changes don't complicate your work too much. My other changes aside
from sandwiching in the priority dialog section were truly trivial.

It looks like I'll be able to just rearrange the new text instead of the old one. We'll know for sure when I am done updating the translation. That way at least it will all be complete in case I can't get the rearrangement done and approved here before release.


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