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Subject: Re: Russian (was Re: lSwitcher 2 92 RCs)
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 12:53:58 +0200

On 20/08/27 18:35, Lewis wrote:
I suggest we consider moving this to the list, now that its confirmed that
we're all on it.

Should have happened two messages ago :)

On 08/27/20 06:21 am, Alfredo Fernández Díaz wrote:
Hi again,

On 20/08/26 21:18, Lewis wrote:
Clearly, this isn't a major issue, currently.

Depends on your definition. As far as lSwitch is concerned it's not an issue
even for me, but...

Well, I say "currently" as the Russian translation is woefully out of date at
this point. Still, an argument could be made that it is sufficient for basic use.

Haven't tried. Regarding Russian, my main concern is being able to read text files, not check UIs.

Russian just made it into the build tree, so I've been going cross-eyed
looking at Cyrillic recently, and worse, CP866 strings under CP850 (which is
headache-inducing). If the time comes that we have users with a need to switch
from a CP850 language to CP852 (Czech) or CP866 (Russian), this may become
more of an issue. Right now, it's trivial, at best, but does fail the fit and
finish test.

I have mentioned it in the past, but it was a side comment kind of thing, so
I didn't expect you to remember yet even more trivia about me. I need to
keep around both an 850/1004 to exchange system and an 850/866 one to
exchange stuff with Windows systems and work with Russian files easily
(currently that means running a VirtualPC ArcaOS inside my main OS/2 system).

I did not recall that. Thanks for reminding me.

Then I'll also remind you that actually understanding what I can read from those files is a goal set for sometime in the future. Just in case :)

I had thought of writing something called CPLaunch in the past, that would
start processes in any code page supported by the system regardless of
config.sys CODEPAGE=, but it seemed too much to study and a lot of work to
build something only I would use once in a while.

An interesting idea.

You bet. I even thought of WPS integration, like the 'language' tab of program objects, only better. Unfortunately, another project that didn't leave the design board. I guess the Platonic os2er (aka cave-dweller) syndrome has its down side.

I'm not sure how one could accomplish this, given the
primary/secondary handing of codepages in OS/2, but we do a lot of stuff right
now that five years ago nobody thought possible (like booting ArcaOS on UEFI,
and soon, being able to create and install to GPT disks).

Yes, good thing there were people who would soldier on more than I did :)

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