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Subject: lSwitcher 2.91 released
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:30:59 -0600 (MDT)
To: "lSwitcher Users Mailing List" <>

lSwitcher 2.91 an ALT-Tab program switcher with
feature-rich task bar or XCenter widget has been
It is recommended that you uninstall any previous
versions before installing this.

It can be found at Hobbes:

or at Netlabs:

Changes in this version include:

- Fixed a trap in the XCenter widget that started after updating to XWP 1.0.12
  It only occurs with multiple items in a group and also may manifest as menu
  corruption. Ticket 72
- Limit the reactivation area for un-hiding to 90% of the screen width or the
  end of a resized bar which ever is less (leaves the left corner for pager)
  Tickets 63, 64
- Add a spinbox for setting the length of the autohide delay. Ticket 66
- Add Create new widget submenu to the XCenter widget context menu (only works with
  XWP 1.0.13 and above)
- Add/update Spanish resources, readme and help. Thanks Alfredo
- Changed "Cancel" back to "Hide" in the setting notebook; it closes without
  saving; changes you have made will persist until lSwitcher is restarted.
  Ticket 73
- Make lSwitcher locale aware and load language appropriate help on language
  switch (currently only English and Spanish are available).
- Cleaned up some taskbar code that may fix a very rare trap.
- Remove readme.bak from the install package.
- Fixed a rare trap which occurred when a process was closed Ticket 75

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