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Lewis G Rosenthal  SMS with >2GB file backup  1977   27-Mar-10  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Backup MX issues; Happy New Year  1989   28-Dec-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Maintenance complete  1813   19-Feb-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  System Maintenance tonight: 12:00am - 1:00am  1734   18-Feb-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  OT: Phoney Domain Registration scams  2728   15-Feb-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Delayed mail sent to recipients on the domain  1845   06-Feb-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Network status update  1861   31-Jan-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Network status update  2647   31-Jan-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Network status update  2100   30-Jan-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Network status update  1741   30-Jan-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Possible sluggishness due to Verizon DSL issues  2856   29-Jan-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  List archives now migrated to CommuniGate Pro  2705   28-Jul-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  New list archives available on the web  1639   27-Mar-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Test message from CommuniGate Pro  930   26-Mar-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [OS2NetWare] Transfer of mailing list to CommuniGate Pro  3971   26-Mar-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [OS2NetWare] Novell ATT Live  8191   14-Dec-05  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [OS2NetWare] Client support in development and planning stages  4502   12-Oct-05  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [OS2NetWare] Reply to Get Nearest Server fun  5016   26-Jun-05  
Nemes Szabolcs  [OS2NetWare] Reply to Get Nearest Server fun  3136   26-Jun-05  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [OS2NetWare] Reply to Get Nearest Server fun  5580   25-Jun-05  

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