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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: Wireless Message
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 13:48:10 EST5EDT4,M4.1,M10.5

Fwd from Lewis
Rosenthal & Rosenthal If your .nws file has you logging into the server and not the tree, then you will see bindery authentication. I get two connections (just like a Win box). As soon as I get a break in my work at this client, I'll log into the tree here, open iManage, & post my results.

Oh, and sorry for the sometimes hard to follow subject headers from my pager!

Su:OS/2-NetWare Users List: Wireless Message)
Hi I logged into Netware via the browser using the http://ipaddress:8008 or it can be 8009 and I check my login info for my eCS system and here is what it said ....which reinforces the fact that the OLD Netware client for OS/2 only logs in in Bindery Connection 42 Login Status Normal Authentication Method Bindery Login time Friday, June 13, (3714 chars. Press Reply/More) [65]

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