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I have not noticed any performance hit going pure IP,  We use  Axis Print servers which are 10/100 pocket print servers
( The axis print servers support ALL Plateforms (see data sheet  - So in a 10/100 based network we don't really see
straight IP printing an issue on eCS workstations. All other wkstns (refering to windoz print via  NDPS).

Also with eCS it does a great job of multitasking anyways and so performance in my case does seem to be there. Also one can
tweak the spooler if necesary but I have not had to do that to my existing wkstns yet.

The benefit of not relying on a queue is if the server is down I can still print to the printer.


>NetWare vs IP printing: The real benefit of printing the NetWare queue
>is getting the load off of the workstation, which in turn then feeds the
>printer. You don't notice any performance hit feeding data to the
>printer directly?

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