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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: IP vs IPX (was: Re: Netware IP)
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At the moment I would beg to differ to a certain degree
see below your comments

>I've seen them advise it to resolve slow login issues under NT, as well
>as other things. NW6 is the first version I've seen to actually get
>Btrieve performance under IP to surpass IPX (after quite a bit of
>tuning, believe me!).

Well...actually Novell told me this:...

You see, IPX performs better than IP in an all-NetWare
environment, by a significant amount. Provided you aren't
running any IP-based services on a NetWare server (such as an
Apache Web Server, for example), there's little reason to
employ IP as a server protocol, and a number of reasons not to.

Loading dual stacks on your client systems (IPX and IP) would
allow them to access NetWare servers and other, IP-based
servers and hosts (such as mail servers, Web servers and other
Internet related devices). In a well-designed network, you
could even forego loading IP on the server, allowing your
routers to handle all of the IP traffic and your servers to
handle all of the IPX traffic.

Doing this can also improve your security. Since there's no IP
running on the server, no one can attack your server over the
Internet. Disable IPX on your Internet routers, and no IPX
traffic can come in to attack your network either.

Of course, this isn't easy to implement and may be self-
defeating in other ways. Many of NetWare 6's new services are
designed to only work over IP, and this should increase with
new releases of the network operating system. But NetWare's IP
efficiency should also increase over time, so NetWare 6.1 or
7.0 might present a better opportunity to go all-IP.

Each network is different and each organization has its own
needs and priorities. But don't necessarily accept that you
need to run only IP on your network - it might not be the most
efficient way to go.

so With that in mind I think IPX for performance is till the best for the moment depending on ones network infrastructure, this does not
shed any more light on the life of eCS's Novell client though.  But a pure IP client for eCS would still be nice.


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