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>I currently use VPC to access the Windows Tools that I have to use.

actually some time ago I got  NWADMIN32 for windows  to work using ODIN, had to copy a lot of client suupport files to a folder to get nwadmin to
load but it did load, the only issue was that the eCS - OS/2 netware client being outdated did not allow to view NDS 7 or higher. If the client was
updated to connect to NDS 7 - eDirectory the possibility to use   NwAdmin32 and console one(java app) to work well in eCS.

So with a new or updated client that would put eCS back in to use the management tools. I guess I am bias as I don't like browser based tools, they
are too slow and awkward, with an updated client for eCS - OS/2 then the usage of Consoleone would be there to manage NDS users and
Zenworks3.x or higher.

>I am currently using netdrive to map drives, this seems stable using a netware 6
>server running FTP and setting netdrive FTP type to UNIX (Ultrix).
>This works well from a command window but is very slow with gui tools.

I have tried using Netdrive as well, it works great, but as you said it is slow

>I think an update of the Netware Client, while it would be very nice in the short term,
>is a bit late now. Netware are moving into the web access route & away from
>the Netware client, so a new client would be likely to be being phased out as soon
>as it was completed.

In my network environment, my servers are all in separate trees and I have to cross subnets to connect to them so an updated client is something I
prefer over the use of a browser, it makes copying files, purging files much easier from my desktop than from a browser.

for printing most of my printing is done in Pure IP making a connection directly to the printer.  IBM Lexmark still updates the client for OS/2 piece for
printing to their printers. The install is easy and works very well.

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