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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: Netware IP
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We are planning to phase out IPX at our site & I am in the process of transferring
from a warp 4 system running the IPX client (which has worked reliably for years)
to an ECS1.1 system running IP only.

I currently use VPC to access the Windows Tools that I have to use.

As has been noted Netware management tools are moving in the web
direction so using them is becoming less of a problem.

The two areas providing the most challenge are: effective file access/management
& extracting info from the NDS.

I am currently using netdrive to map drives, this seems stable using a netware 6
server running FTP and setting netdrive FTP type to UNIX (Ultrix).
This works well from a command window but is very slow with gui tools.

I am looking at extracting info from the NDS using LDAP tools ( from Hobbes)
which will let me extract publicly available data from the NDS.

I think an update of the Netware Client, while it would be very nice in the short term,
is a bit late now. Netware are moving into the web access route & away from
the Netware client, so a new client would be likely to be being phased out as soon
as it was completed.

It would be nice to see improvements in the above products, LDAP / Netdrive, to deal
with current requirements which may easier to achieve than a rewrite of the netware client.

Phil Brown
Lan support
Room 2-04 Halpern House
ISO department
University of Portsmouth
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