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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: Warpstock 2003 presentation proposal
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Some responses...

Vaughn Bender wrote:

Hi I think some awareness on the state of the aged Netware Client for OS/2, eCS is critical to try and get a refresh of the client.

I tend to agree. I even had a developer a while back who would have been interested in tackling the job (see what a great job ProSoft did with the Mac client after Novell dropped it?), but I had a hard time nailing down the demand for such a product, so the whole project sort of fell by the wayside.

session on wireless networking under OS/2). The title of this presentation is tentatively "Connecting OS/2 Clients to NetWare Networks," and proposes to cover the following areas of interest:

 * Current state of the OS/2 NetWare Requester, including an overview
   of the latest patches available

The latest patches on the client for eCS only help a disappearing IPX protocol.

I didn't know that IPX was disappearing. ;-)  Is the IP/IPX configuration really that problematic for people? There are still instances where IPX transports are faster on NetWare than IP (though I must admit that 6.0 seems to have leveled the performance field).

 * Installation & configuration of the requester on an OS/2 or eCS
   workstation, with an eye toward potential traps & pitfalls
 * Techniques for automatic & semi-automatic login

The Netware client for eCS ONLY ALLOWS for a Bindery Login (that I am aware of) on the latest versions of Netware as long as IPX protocol exists on the local network. NO login is available in a PURE IP Environment which Novell is pushing hard for.

Refer to my other post re: bindery vs NDS. No pure IP support, as you point out.

 * Survey of OS/2 functionality under different versions of NetWare
   from 3.12 through 6.0
 * Managing NetWare servers from OS/2 stations: what's possible &
   what isn't

Managing only Netware 5.1 or Higher with IManager is possible  - reason is IMANAGER is done in a browser so it is possible. No client is necessary for basic server management. Authentication is done in the brower.

True. This works quite well under the more robust NW6 iManager. RConJ also works quite well under OS/2. For scripts to run this under Java 1.1.8 and 1.3.x, see my website:

 * Printing under NetWare

Only  is supported in a Queue based Netware or directly to printing device in a direct IP connection bypassing any netware at all.

I only have one installation running NDPS, and haven't tried printing yet. I suppose, though, that you'd have to be right, as even the Windows clients require separate dlls in order to connect to NDPS printers. Direct IP connection (LPR), while gets one to the printer, bypasses the great Novell print management, so this is definitely something which needs to be addressed.

 * Workstation backup options in a NetWare environment
 * Newer NetWare client functionality under OS/2 (iPrint, iFolder,
   etc.): what works? how?

NO Support at all with iPrint or iFolder unless done from a browser. There is specialized client software for the win32 environment.

I think there is some iFolder support, akin to the way Linux stations are able to utilize it, though I haven't really played with it at all. Obviously, ftp services run on NetWare boxes, so - as Phil pointed out - Netdrive would work fairly well, here (again, this would be considering a pure IP environment).

 * Support options


I would love to attend but am already committeed around that time, plus travelling to US dramatically affects conversion of CDN to USD... which becomes $$$ for me.

I hear ya!!

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